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Home Letter Volume 27, July 06, 1953 No. 1

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VOLUME 27             July 6, 1953                   No. 1

INTRODUCTION: Parents of old campers will receive this Home Letter with what I hope are pleasant recollections. Parents of new boys should know that the Director writes this each week and sends it to all parents and to grandmothers, and other relatives (if they request it). It endeavors to give a story of the week. Copies are posted at camp for the boys to see.

ADMISSIONS: There are ninety-eight boys enrolled at Hyde Bay Camp. We had thought our limit was eighty—five but when old friends applied late, we enlarged the dining hall and put up more tents. We actually have now more room per camper than we had last year.

CAUSES: No promotional work has been done other than to send a folder to the parents of many boys in Gilman School. Your kind recommendation of the Camp to your friends and your desire to have your sons come back to Hyde Bay are solely responsible for our large enrollment. We are pleased and grateful.

STAFF: We will enclose in a later letter a description of each member of our staff which numbers about thirty.

ARRIVALS: Eddie Brown came Saturday. Robert Trigg and Jan Rozendaal came Monday. On Tuesday parents started driving in with their boys quite early in the morning. This pleasant procession kept up all day. At about eight, Bob Pickett and his forty—five hot and dusty friends surged out of the bus from Fort Plain. One boy came the next day. Three of our prospective campers were ill and had to delay their appearance. Of these, George Barker, who was laid low with an insurgent tooth, arrived on Friday and Jeff Hester, Monday.

COMMODORE: Every year all hands look forward to the arrival of Walter Lord, better known locally as the Commodore. One of his contributions almost immediately was the annual picture contest. The Commodore with his land camera takes pictures of various objects around camp. He then makes awards to those boys who identify more pictures than the others recognize.

PICTURE CONTEST: This year Frank Pine and new camper, Bill Stewart, won the senior prizes, while Shaun, brother of several old camper-Donahoes, was the junior winner.

TUESDAY, June 30th: Clear and pleasant. Arrivals and more arrivals.
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