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Council Bios, 1952

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1. George M. Chandlee, Jr., Head Councilor, many years at Hyde Bay, in general charge of almost everything.

2. Robert A. Pickett, Assistant Director, covers everything not administered by the head Councilor.

3. David Andrew, Gilman School, a U.L. last year, a camper the year before, is a Junior Councilor this year. Assists in the supervision of Tent 7.

4. George Atkeson, Deerfield Academy, is new to Hyde Bay. His tent is No. 10.

5. Steve Bullock, Williston Academy, in his second year as a Hyde Bay Councilor, rules Tent 3. His specialty is canoeing.

6. George Callard, Gilman School, in his second year on the Council, is in general charge of sailing. His Tent is the Calvert Club, otherwise known as No. 12.

7. Gibson Carey, Princeton, after three years at Hyde Bay as a camper, is now fishing councilor in charge of Tent 7.

8. Jack Cooper, after an absence is back on the council. He is in Princeton and in charge of tennis. Tent 8.

. Dick Crisler, Deerfield Academy, is an old Hyde Bay camper of many years back after an absence as a councilor in charge of Tent 5.

10. Cub Forman, Northwood School, after many yours as a camper and councilor is on the staff in charge of Tent 1.

11. Mr. and Mrs. H. Jack Garver of Gilman School faculty occupy one of our cabins. Mrs. Garver is in charge of the store while her husband supervises the handcraft activities.

12. Sandy Jenks, after many years as a camper and a U.L., now has become a councilor in charge of tent 9. Junior Councilor.

13. Rick Johnson, Avon School, a friend and former pupil of Leslies, assists in tennis and is the boss of Tent 11.

14. Leslie Manning is back for his second recent summer after many former years at Hyde Bay. He is in charge of dramatics and music.

15. Tom Offutt, Johns Hopkins, is back for his second summer as a councilor. Baseball coach. His bailiwick is Tent 16.

16. Tommy Parr, Princeton, is horse councilor. He also supervises Tent 15.

17. Phil Pratt, Harvard, is once more in charge of the water front. Tent 17 is under his jurisdiction also.

18. Bob Russell, Princeton, is embarking on his twelfth year at Hyde Bay, his third as a councilor. He governs tent 14 and assists our Head Councilor in many ways.

19. Blaise deSibour, Princeton, came to Hyde Bay at the same time as Bob Russell. He is in charge of trips and tent 2. He may be found doing almost any of the camp activities.

20. McKim Williams, after some yours as a camper is a councilor for the second time. He hails from Harvard and administers the affairs of tent 4.

21. McRae Williams, a U.L. of last year and a camper of many previous years is a councilor. He is a student at Gilman. His subjects occupy Tent 6. Junior Councilor.

22. AND Al Kerr, to our surprise and joy, suddenly let us know that he would be available for this summer. He helps in music and drama. He is the feudal head of Mouldy City. He tutors American History and lends his expurienced hand to many enterprises. Al has been at Hyde Bay many years but spent last summer in study.

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