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Home Letter Volume 24, August 7, 1950 No. 8

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VOLUME 24             August 7, 1950                   No. 8

OMINOUS SHADOW: With only two weeks to go from Wednesday until the close of camp we must think about our plans for returning. I have petitioned the New York Central to have #22, the Lake Shore Limited, stopped at Fort Plain. This arrives at New York at 11:59 a.m. I suggested #10, The Mohawk, arriving in New York at 2:55 p.m. as a substitute. If my requests are refused, we shall have to take #138 which leaves Fort Plain at 5:54 a.m. and arrives in New York at 10:30 a.m. All these are standard time to which you will add one hour. My next letter will contain definite Information. Perhaps if you have dealt with corporations, which, if not soulless, are filled with inertia, you can appreciate my problem.

WEATHER: We have had a week of unfavorable weather, but since its close on Saturday with a grand finale of a heavy downpour accompanied by hail, we have been blessed with perfect weather. I wish you could see the lake this calm, clear, cool morning.

HEALTH: Our phenomenal record has been shattered by the emergence of mumps in our healthy midst. Charlie Webb and Robin Porter are the sufferers so far. Charlie was the first and he has not been out of camp since it started except for the Susquehanna trip. My own diagnosis is -- spontaneous combustion.

ACHIEVEMENT: During the week Peter Smith, Rusty Bolognino, and Phil Howard passed their D Test. We now have only two non-swimmers and two others who have passed only their E Test. New Senior and Junior Life Saving classes have been started.

MONDAY: Sunny in the morning and rainy in the afternoon, this day saw only camp routine with no newsworthy item.

TUESDAY: On our diamond, called in a recent announcement “Heart of Gold Field”, my notes would indicate that the Old Rouses beat the Winners by l4-6. The latter were coached by Angus. This doesn’t make much sense to me but I daresay is accurate. Edo took his tent to Gravelly for the night.

CINEMA: Wednesday passed uneventfully, coming to a climax with the movie known as “Happy Landing”. It seems to have been enjoyed by many.

THURSDAY: A Susquehanna trip set out heavily staffed by Rob, Sid, Cub, and Pete. The stay-at—homes diverted themselves in various ways. Blaise and Puffy lead a group to the mud slide far up Shadow Brook, a blessed spot where one can cover the torso with clean dirt. The Director took a group of three rowboats and a like number of canoes across the lake, along its farther shore for a couple of miles, and back around Clark’s point.
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THE NEXT DAY: Blaise and Lou took out replacements for the Susquehanna trip. The cars which carried them forth brought back the survivors of the previously mentioned expedition. The tennis tournaments were inaugurated on this day. Bob Russell and his tent with a carefully selected group of invited guests spent the night on Gravelly’s shores. The Director carried out an ambition of 25 years’ standing by scaling Mount Wellington with John Rouse and an enthusiastic group of campers. (Note:
There were times when your scribe thought the expedition had set out 25 years too late.

SATURDAY: The afternoon was featured by a “Hare and Hound” chase. The timid hares were campers Powell and Jencks plus elders, Edo and Bob Pickett. All were caught but Pete. The “deep-voiced” hounds included almost all the rest of the camp. The night brought on the hail heretofore mentioned.

THE TENTS TREAD THE BOARDS AGAIN: The final series of tent plays brought before the footlights Puffy and his musical tent mates in an extravaganza called “Best Seller”. They won the prize with elaborate scenery and interesting and well sung lyrics full of local allusions. Next in order of time came Cubby’s “T for Treasure”. The first act found Mate Dave Stratton at the wheel staring off into far horizons. Charlie Langmaid helped him stare. Rusty was a beautiful lady, while Hunter Marvel represented a questionable G.I. Their councilor appeared in whiskers and tatters to scare them from the island. The most hilarious production was a most entertaining farce called “The Soda Jerks”. Featured by the excellent acting of Pete Elliman and the marvelous dances of Rosa, whom we scarcely recognized as Johnny Griffiths, it vied with the winner for the prize. Programs are enclosed for your guidance.

VISITORS: These last two weeks we have had a large number of most welcome visitors. We hope the closing weeks will find many of you in this number.

FINAL BANQUET: You parents are cordially invited to the final banquet, bon fire, and award of prizes on the night of Tuesday, August 22. Only it is necessary for you to let us know that you are coming. It makes a difference not only in seating but also in the number of fried chickens we must capture and kill and the roster of ears of corn. (Roster and roaster may confuse you -- and then, there is rooster, too.)

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