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VOLUME 24             July 11, 1950                   No. 4

LATE: Director and Mrs. Pickett were away Sunday and Monday which will cause this epistle to reach you a day later than usual. As it is necessary for them to be away on similar days of the coming week you may also expect the next weekly letter to be one day late. Hereafter we hope to bo models of promptness.

SMOOTH MACHINE: I have mover seen the camp start to operate so smoothly and so quickly. The experienced staff and the fact that more than half of the boys have been at Hyde Bay before may account for this phenomenon. Many parents keep files of this letter. That may subject no to embarrassment when I say that we have never had a finer group of campers than the 1950 edition. I suppose I’ve said it before but why not -- onward and upward.

MONDAY: This day was featured by much sailing while the afternoon saw Russell’s “Rockets” beat Cooper’s “Violets” to the tune of 19—6. The softball league is arousing tremendous enthusiasm this year.

THE GLORIOUS FOURTH: Our national holiday was celebrated atypically with no fireworks, no casualties, and the unusual treat of a speech by a distinguished English visitor. Tom and Annie Benson, as they are known affectionately to thousands of Rotarians, have been visiting the Picketts. Mr. Benson gave a very simple but moving talk to the boys on the Fourth.

CINEMA: The film, Guadalcanal Diary, suggested by Randy Barker, was exhibited a day in advance of its scheduled appearance.  It seemed to be well received.

WEDNESDAY: Largely because we are afraid we may leave out someone by accident, we seldom mention the visit of parents. Every week finds many of those welcome visitors at Hyde Bay. Then one swoops down on the lake from the skies, it is however worthy of mention. Mr. Whyte taxied in off the lake in his plane to see Peter. On this day also the Glimmerglass (as the lake has been anciently called) was used by more archaic craft when Heb lead out the first round the lake trip in canoes. A very unusual feature was the presence of head Councilor Chandlee with the expedition. They visited Natty Bumppo’s Cave of literary fame, beautiful Leatherstocking Falls, and returned in the midst of a terrific downpour in time for supper. They paused for a bit of Gravelly Point for a swim.

THURSDAY: The tireless Heb assisted by Angus and Jack Cooper load out the first Susquehanna trip. Bob Pickett carried the five canoes of our travelers to the traditional landing place at Phoenix, and subsequently brought them back the next day. This fair and windy day witnessed also the battle of Strawberry Mountain in which the troops of General Blaise battled those of Colonel Puffey in on exciting contest. At night Bob Pickett conducted a wresting clinic at the Russellorum.

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ANOTHER FAIR AND WINDY DAY: John Rouse took his tent to spend the night at Gravelly while Westy and his clients retired to a secluded lake—shore spot to help Sherman Murphy devour his marshmallows. The older boys made the traditional pilgrimage to Cooperstown to enjoy the bright lights and the usual film.

SATURDAY: In rather unusual heat (atmospheric) Coach Barker’s “Thunderbolts” defeated the “Redwings” 9—8. naturally there was much swimming on such a day.

THE DRAMA: The first set of tent plays resulted in a smashing victor for Tent 15; inhabited by Masseurs Evans (Heb), Andrew, Jencks, Lang, Marbury, and Williams. They portrayed so realistically the trip of “Shovel” Marbury to Russia that they were judged superior to the efforts of the combined Tents 1 and 10 with their rendition of Snow Edo and the Seven Dwarfs. A third entry of distinction was Tent 6 which made a bid for the prize with the superb delineation of C. B. Alexander of a lady of uncertain age.

THE END OF THE CYCLE: And so to Sunday again with another hot day. Religious services were conducted by the head Councilor. The “Kangaroos”’ defeated the “Violets”. Tent 4, Puffey’s lads Holton, Schwartz and Shepard sped to town by Hacker to carry the mail and as a reward for being the neatest tent of the week.

AT LAST: The hot showers made their debut parboiling about half the camp while the other boys more conservatively utilized the lake.

MISCELLANY: A variety of weather -- hot, windy, and cool -- excellent health -- the Junior Life Saving class already started -- only seven non—swimmers left -- five new conquerors of the “E” Test -- excellent sailing -- the little outboard known as the ST—37 in constant action.

INSURED: Not more than half the boys have been insured for health and accident. I hope you are properly covered otherwise. The list: Alexander, C.; Howard; Porter; Alexander, J.; Langmaid; Reddington; Andrew; Lee; Ruestow, E.; Bolognino; Long, D.; Ruestow, G.; Bradley; Long, J.; Stratton; Brown, D.; Marvel, H.; Tu; Cochran, T. & A.; Marvel, R.; Vollmer; Donahoe R. & T.; McEwan; Watkins; Gardner; Merrick, J.; Whyte; Garrett; Merrick, S.; Young, J. B.; Griffiths; Norris; Young, J. L.

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