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Home Letter Third Issue, 1933

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Sunday was rainy for a welcome change. Rain has threatened the rest of the week, but with dry humor. Hardly a drop has fallen. We need it for general vegetation though the garden is making good progress. chard and squash came from it this week. Friday and Saturday th e sensitive mercury rose to the unprecedented hights of 88 and 90 on Friday and Saturday.  We do not mind hot weather.  It makes the lake the more appreciated.

Eddie Munger had neatest bunk, so did John Koppleman, and veteran neatman Huidekoper, in their respective tents. Councilors Walker and Payne report that all their bunks are painfully neat. I hope to have a representative of Good Housekeeping here to settle this tangled question.(Their bunks = bunks in their tents.)

Coming back from church Sunday we helped pull a Cadilac out of the ditch on the dirt road. The owner seemed perturbed.

Sign.   Artists Poore and Young have made us a very fine sign which we have fittingly mounted at our gate. Will parent Jacobs, who referred to our old sign as a calling card,please take note as he drives in.

Top.   The Ping Pong table has a new top of ply wood which has vastly increased the popularity of the game. Two new sprinkling pots have vastly increased the popularity of the sport known as watering the court. The last application was made to the tunes of the new phonograph imported by Gary Black. Frank Lynn plays especially well on it. (It = phonograph. )

Monday.   Volley Ball at night. Johnny Koppleman joined the golfers. We started installing a gas tank. Made a hole judged ample by the U.L. as we call the work crew. Unskilled Labor. Tank proved to be many sizes larger than orifice. Gang fell to manfully. Bil??ly Lynn aroused admiration by a fancy twirl to the pickax. Mr. Russell entered the pit amid cheers and came out seventy seconds later having bettered the Director's previous record by five seconds.  Now we have our own gas for boats and cars. If tank keeps on leaking we will have t??? digging for oil here.

Bridge.   Payne and Classen warm up in practice tilts. The al? ???? for which they were noted last year seems with them.

Game.   We played Chanango at soft ball with the following team Pitcher-Welbourn, Catcher-Smelser, ib F. Lynn, 2b(or not 2b) W. Lynn, Short? Walker-3rd-Classen Minor. Outfiled reading from left to right, standing, Huidey, Gary Black and Lawry Pickett. We won in a hectic ninth six to five. We play them at their pitch on Wednesday. No substitutions. They lead till the last inning. The old Hyde Bay spirit to the fore. This is the first game we have played with another camp. So we have that valuable asset, a tradition of unbroken victory.
Sardy.  On Saturday Director and station wagon took nine boys over to Palatine Bridge to meet Sandy Howat in a style according to his rank. We sawa barge on the canal, ate popsickles, drank from cold spring.

Ill.   Walter Koppleman and Huidekoper have been in the infirmary

For a total of three days, two of which were used by Walter. They Ran a temperature till it was tired and fell down.

New Boy.   Old camper Frank Beury pulled in with Mr. Beury on Friday. Sandy's arrival has special paragraph due to trip. At eve on Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Allner came in with Freddie,and a dozen boys coming in in August. Mr. and Mrs. Allner were with us Sunday at dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Beury dashed back for Baltimore almost at once.

Horse Hike.   Mac Campvell and Bobby Pickett started the season's hikes by going out with Fanny Payne on Friday. They went to the usual place and returned reporting a great time. Must have another horse for August with all the new campers coming in.

Falls.   A great party of more than half the camp went to the Leatherstocking Falls by motorboat and later had lunch at three mile point. They took a swim at the same place. Leslie found a new type of fossil.

Fair.   Donny Tag and Sonny Pickett are back from the Fair at Chicago. Messrs.Smelser and Young say one can see the fair by Just crossing the lake.

Mr. Payne escorted a few older boys to town on Saturday night. I understand that the hero won at last after a hard fight. It Was very hot for this country . Midnight dips have been the order of the week. New parents should knowthat a Hyde Bay Midnight dip takes place at eight forty-five P. M.

Our next issue will be illustrated by Page Smith - if we can remember to get him a pen.

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