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Home Letter Volume II. Number 7., 1932

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Weather. This past week the weather has been far too good for just an ordinary camp. (We have the unique distinction  you know, of not claiming to be the BEST CAMP IN AMERICA.) Warm sunny days have been followed by clear cold nights. There was just enough rain to keep the tennis court in shape. One sharp storm gave us   that beautiful spectacle,a storm, sweeping over the lake, just   as we were going in for supper. We had to light lamps for the   meal.
Health. The colds seem to have gone. No one has reported sick this week to the extent of having to go to bed. Just the normal number of pills, slivers, gargles, plasters. You would be surprised at   the amount of medical supplies we use up in a season. It might   be said as we seem to be in a comparative mood, that this is   ?????????????????????[too faded to read-lkp]
Visitors. Dr. and Mrs. King and son  Joe came last week to take away  son John.
Departure. Amo Carhart went Wednesday. The Directorate took him into Albany. Sandy Howat acted as guard of honor.
Reverse. Hugh O'Donovan and Jack Taliaferro arrived this week. Jack by train and Hugh with old friend Jack O'Donovan who hurried on to a fishing trip. Both of these boys are old campers.
Birth. Four children, 55,56,57,58, arrived at the home of Mrs. Yellow cat. Who has been a camper since the foundation six years ago, and has never failed to produce at least four kittens per camp season. This year's crop are in many respects the finest.
Canoe Trip. The rest of the small boys, Councillors, Poore, Wise,Young,(the three virtues) Pickett ,H. Tag, Welbourn went on a canoe trip down the river, Monday. Perfect weather accompanied them. This   was a contrast to the experience of the first division. They  carried over the Goodyear dam and went almost to Oneonta, over   twenty-five miles from camp by highway  and the river winds.   Two spills and the loss of some duffle and shoes were incidents.   It was pronounced a great trip.
Treasure Hunt. The week end was planned to be devoted to a treasure hunt.  Alas. this is a summer school as well  as a camp. (Please correct the impression broad that it is only a summer school.) The brain power thus generated was too much for the clues. The hunt   was over by Saturday noon.  It might have terminated earlier if Robertson had not slept two hours on one clue. Meanwhile his colleagues looked everywhere else in the woods. There were canoe upsets, Machen and Emory, for example. Mad races through swamp and fen. Bedlam in study hall over codes. Queer words repeated solemnly. Finally the treasure, one dozen tennis balls was won by Welbourn,George, #####,Hynson, Beury, who had the good luck to stumble on a clue. At the time however,they were in the lead by perhaps a half hour.
Mr. Al. Mr. Townsend arrived Sunday for the rest of the season. This is his fifth. He at once took charge of the camp watch.
More news. There is more news, but i can not recall it just now.

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