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Home Letter Volume II. Number 6., 1932

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                HYDE BAY HOMELETTER. VOL. II. NUMBER 6.[1932]

( One day late due to the sore finger of the editor. )

Weather.     It has been clear and cool with the exception of the day or so when the boys were off on the canoe trips. Then it rained all of one day.

Health.       There has been a cold running through the whole camp. It has smitten teachers, councillors, directors, boys, etc. It is a nice little head cold. Mrs. Pickett has dossed each case with great results. Almost everyone in camp has had it. The rest will get it, so be prepared for letters saying,"I feel rotten today with a cold." Ray Roberts is the only one to report a temperature and that went down below zero within a few hours. Frank Baury was in bed for an hour or so.

Departures.   One of the penalties of our system of irregular times for coming and going is our pain at seeing campers go before the rest. The antidote is seeing others come. Harry Campbell and Johnny King left us this week. Their monument is the introduction of ducks to Hyde Bay.

Visitors.     Mr. And Mrs. Campbell came to get Harry, this week end. We were delighted to welcome for the night sons Dick and Jimmy. George Debnam piloted into our quiet harbor a roisterous crew in a rakish Chevy. Members Clinton Pitts,Cooper-Walker,and Alumnus of two years standing Ward Coe. We enjoyed these visitors and await their return.

Birth         What has become a Hyde Bay tradition took place the other night: Tim Pitts birthday party. Cake and icecream were enjoyed by all. Mr. Pitts made no speech.   ( Home-letter 1991 A. D. " old Mr. Pitts in spite of his eighty years , just as spry and active as he was as a camper, made a few brief remarks after which old Mr. Exshaw sang "Bury me deep in the deep blue sea" in his quavering falsetto."

Addition.     Fifty per cent has been added to the dining hall by the new addition on the East or non-lake side of the building.  This gives needed room for another table and a small reading table besides.

Tennis court. Thanks to the skill of Constructer Classen and Curator Emory, our court is really good. It is busy every waking hour. Many other hands helped this work. Messrs. Wise and Mann are digging a series of post holes at various experimental distances for a netting all around the whole court. This will keep the balls on and the horses off.

Canoe Trip.   Councillors Poore, Pitts, and boys Campbell and King, an-chins, Hynsen, Howat,B. Campbell, Carhart,Beury, went twenty or so miles down the river to Goodyear Lake and back to Clintonville. Much rain but a lot of fun.

Canoe triplett.  The older and softer boys took their usual week end paddle to Fairy Spring. Equipped with a dead snake and breakfast a good time was enjoyed by all. Paddlers Exshaw and Robertson made the eight miles back in six hours and forty minutes, arriving in ample time for supper. "The lake was rough."No skunks molested. It is obvious who won last time.

Scallops.      Inspired , Mrs. Pickett sent to Boston for some gallons of scallops. Did the boys eat them ?No. Parents do not waste your money on this delicacy. The boys like haddock better.

Sales.         (this is not one of our usual mis-spellings.) Mssrs. Campbell and King have sold out their intersts in the Hyde Bay Ducks to Sandy Howat and Sonny Pickett. It is rumored that a considerable loss was sustained. President Roberts had nothing to say when the reporter asked him about the deal."This turnover", said Mr. Roberts,"indicates that prosperity is just around the corner."

Speed.          Herbert Smelser has kept his boat running on full schedule and about everyone in camp has had a few trips.Old and young seem to get a great thrill skipping over the waves in this mere suggestion of a boat.

Exams.          Midseason exams have been taken in three instances so far. Sandy made 76, Harry?7# and 64. May we continue with this percentage!

Natty.          Mr. Bumpoe's well known cave was visited by all the urchins on Saturday morning . Lunch was eaten the cave examined. Herbert and Bobby went down by speed boat, all others in the old "Idlewillie", The old craft can still carry twenty at a fair speed.

               SINISTER  SIGHTS.

Robertson throwing a knife at the flag pole.

Mr. Hartzell stalking off into the woods with an axe on his shoulder.

Mr. Russell with a scythe.
Ditto   rounding a curve on the dirt road.

Exshaw accepting a "pinkbelley".

Huides paddling the yellow canoe.

Fossil at bay whimpering under the hammer blows of Carbart and Howat.

Jack filing a saw(for future reference ?)

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