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Home Letter Volume II. Number 5., 1932

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Weather  We have had several warm days this week with the temperature above eighty. It has rained one day about all day. We would call this a good week. Nights continue cold. Water stays about right.

Arrivals.  Old friends: Amo Carhart for a couple of weeks and Dicky Hynson for August. New campers : Bruce Campbell, Hugh Benet, and Brad Jacobs. Charley Hilgartner entered the summer school.

Departures.  Harry Smith and Joe Matthews, each in his hospitable Ford have left to spread fire and sword in the northern part of the state.
Shift.  Doug Wise has taken charge of the new tent. Charley Classen has taken over Doug's old tent. Jack Young has taken Charley's tent. Thus everybody gets better acquainted with everybody else.

New tent.  As hinted above , we have put up a new tent, where Charley Classen has parked his car low these many years, or just as you come through the dip into the camp proper. Four youngerboys have moved in.

New boat.  Herbert Smelser's new spped boat came in the other day on the roof of the station-wagon from Fort Plain. It weighs about a hundred pounds at most and goes well with Herb's motor. Almost the whole camp have had rides in it.

Tennis court.  At last we are playing on the new court. Reports say that it is pretty good and will be better when played on more. It has been busy almost all,yes, all, the time since it was done. One piece had to be reclayed this morning. Nex week we will extend the backstops to encircle the whole court. Wire to do same is lying out front now.

Sail boat.  Shipmaster Young is proud to say that the old boat does not leak a drop. We believe she is good for another forty years.

Big motor-little boat.  In answer to popular demand the Director took out the thirty-two Johnson motor on the new little boat. While the public looked on the Director took two rides in one, his first and his last. Later a descendent tried it with not so good results. S. M. Young has the little shell repaired and on the water again. The Director's front hair has begun to lie down once more.

Over night trip.  The older boys under the leadership of Doug Wise set out after supper last night on a trip to Fairy Spring for the night. About ten P. M. theydiscovered the spot and encamped. At two a skunk , weighing about a pound and a half paid a friendly visit to the group. The effect was awful. Maggie, Harry's dog, greeted the visitor. Other campers fled . Ray Roberts took a large Hemlock up by the roots. Ten potential football stars fleeing through the weeds in pitch dark . One undernourished skunk wondering at the amazing lack of hospitality and democracy of these "city guys." Home at ten trying not to look sleepy.

Les.  It is good to hear the piano respond to the touch, once more the returned soldier, Leslie Exshaw. His stories of C.?????? are now part of camp lore.

Jonah.  For the third time the motor has gone wrong under the guidance of George Poore. He has a baneful influence on it. This time it was a bearing burned out. Not at all George's fault#, just no grease. Repaired in three days in Cooperstown. Better than ever. The accident took place on an all day trip for small boys. They visited Cooper's grave, the filed where baseball was first played , the museum, three mile point , and other places of historic interest such as the Clinton Dam marker and council rock.

Golf and tennis.  About as usual.

Visitors.  Parents Huidekoper and Benet were at the camp since we last went to press. Mr. And Mrs. Manning are here this week end. Again we say how glad we are to have parents drop in at any time. It interferes in no way with the work of the camp. It adds to our enjoyment.

Horse Hike.  Sandy and Amo went on the hike this week as did Doug and Harry Campbell and Johnny King earlier in the week. The horses slept well both times.

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