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Home Letter Volume II. Number 3., 1932

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Weather.   The past week has been one of nearly perfect weather. Cold nights, it was 60 on the porch yesterday morning,clear warm days a stiff breeze off the lake, not a touch of humidity, all these items have gone into a good "stretch of weather".

Golf and Tennis. Almost every other day a party has gone over to play golf or tennis at the Otsego Country Club. It is rumored that the boy's have the edge in the recent matches of the Hyde Bay Foursome and then some.

Sailboat.  At present writing the boat is still on the ways but we feel she is on her way under the hand of Jack Young. He promises she will be free from the clutches of the "harpies of the shore within three days. SHE IS NOT GOING TO LEAK.

Movies.    As usual the older boys went to Cooperstown on Saturday night. The ymovie violated all rules by allowing the hero to die. The observing ycampers, even the veteran Tim Pitts survived this shock nicely, he ynearly perished later in an attempt to cherish a few bananna splits

DUCKS AND DAM. This heading does not refer to ducks and their mamma. Several campers have become duckers on a large scale. To house their pets the dam was revived and now holds in check a considerable body of water under the rustic bridge. The stately fleet of quackers ride forth hourly under the pleased eyes of the owners: Roberts, Camp, and King. Said King unfortunately fell in the primordial ooesze which filled the dam at the outset.

Horse Hike. We print this in two languages in honor of our foreign subscribers. Alex Randall,who left us yesterday to our regret and Frank Beury went with Fanny Payne on the first horse-hike. We used the same mountain top as of last year. They returned safely. Mr. Payne has all but three hours of his lost sleep made up already.

Volley-ball. Hot games between hated rivals are now under way under the watchful eye of Mr. Marrian who has a specially printed book of rules by which we abide by which.

Mrs. Russell. The camp was worried last week by the sudden departure of Mrs. Russell for the hospital in Cooperstown for an emergency operation for appendix. We are happy to report that she is doing extremely well.

Alumnus.  Harry Smith, who graduated from this institution with all the degrees we ever bestow, two years ago,is now enrolled as a visiting alumnus. It is anninspiration to the undergraduates to see this fellow wandering about wearing the degree of "MAGNA CUM CELERITATE"


TENNIS COURT. Any day one can hear Taskmaster Classen lashing his slaves on the court. We hope to be playing on it in time to report on the next Homeletter."The war will end , said a rookie in France, when I have put all of France into a sand bag. " It is rumored that the court will be built when all of Otsego County has been sifted through our two screens up on the court.

CHERRY VALLEY. The Cherry Valley massacre, ( page 267 in Elson History of the United States) was repeated Wednesday. The part of the Mohawks was played by the Mohawk Colored Giants, the settlers were impersonated by the House of David. Both are baseball teams. After seeing the beards as they should be grown, Jack Young shaved his off in despair while George Poore clung to his: different temperaments,you see. Oh yes, the whole camp went over en masse or en cars.

Baseball.  Locally we have played no baseball on our field. Why ? Oh that is our way. Next week we may play every day. Checkers have never been played here to any extent till this year. Now the boards are busy all the time. We have even developed a group of kibitzers.

BASEBALL.  Messrs. Marrian and Young are the battery for the Springfield Center Team. They are making the camp famous in this country side.

Motor.Herbert Smelser has imported a beautiful seven horse motor which can make three miles before the green boat sinks, a camp record. It will be recalled that this is the craft in which Mr. Classen took his famous voyage last year, the one where we towed them home.

Pickerel.  Roberts, Robertson, classen and a few others in a canoe# ran over an aged pickerel who was crossing the water at a crossing protected by light and a watchman. The body is now displayed on the walls of the dining room. It fits in well with all those trophies there on the wall,most of which were brought in by the cat.

Food.      Mr Hartzell supervised a lalrge group of small boys so well the other day that we had black caps enough for the whole camp for supper. The garden has furnished beans, beets and greens. We buy some food from the outer world of course, such as pepper and salt which are not native to this region.
      Mr. Howat was here over the week end . We wish more fathers would do this. Mr. And Mrs. Randall called in Sunday and took away Alex. We welcomed them but hated to see the great Alex go.

     It does not seem possible that the small boys came in three weeks ago. We are running on summer speeding time.

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