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Home Letter July 27, 1931

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Hyde Bay Home-Letter for Week of July 27.(A busy week. )

Printed on both sides of this sheet.

     We have had a week of very fine weather, very little rain and as cool as one could wish. Cold nights toward the end of the week.
     One or two nights this week we have been visited by some energetic mosquito groups. This is so unusual at Hyde Bay that it is news. Strictly speaking, I suppose, it is not news till a camper bites a mosquito. However it is news to have mosquitoes here
     We have put up the diving tower to a height of six feet only as the old height of thirteen feet was atrtractive to a very few. The wharf has been run out another section although the lake has not fallen an inch this year.
     Admiral Slagle and his crew fell out of their inverted craft once or twice last week. Commodore Classen and crew,A.B.s Nes , King and Taliaferro sailed the boat to Cooperstown and back the same morning. This is the first round trip ever made in this heavier-than-water machine.
     Daniel Boone Pitts captured a woodchuck last Sunday with able help from several other frontiersmen. The animal was caged but escaped during dinner and the consequent lull in visitors.
     Messers Dunning and Dresser have immured their cars in a ne w and unusual#hermitage in the woods.
     Jake Slag#le was dragged by the foot in the aqua-plane rope until# all hopes of seeing him again were given up. He emerged later . Collin gillis Narrowly missed being run over by the roller he was pulling, Only his fortunate refuge in a new ditch just behind the scenes averted a catastropha.
     The after supper league has had several hot encounters. A team of six teachers proved the fallacy of the brains-brawn theory.
     Mr. Dresser drove the Miracle to the gate and back one day this week. Both are doing well.
     Several trips have been made by boat and motor to the country club in search of golf and tennis.


Better weather greeted the small boys in their trip across the lake and to the top of our opposing mountain, than when they tried the height in our rear. Sundry insects made up for the lack of rain. However, a good time was had.
The small boys have a most attractive club up to the north along the shore at the three willows. The wails of the initiated and the cheers of the initiates sound along the beach nightly.
Gilbert and Bobby Morse arrived for their second season ######. on Friday.
Eddie Talmage
Eddie arrived for his third season on Tuesday.
Baker Symington.
Baker arrived in time for the movies on Saturday night. This is his third season at this summer place.
There has been a notable list of visitors of a more transient nature. Mr. And Mrs. James R. Manning, Mr. And Mrs. Mc Cain and son and Judge Matthews, Mr. And Mrs. Raymond E. Jones and their daughter Zaida, Mr. Kenneth Halben and Mr. Richard O' Brien of the Gilman faculty, Mrs. Edward T. H. Talmage accompanied by Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Bliss, Mrs. Edward Hammond, ############# Miss. Margaret Hamilton. George Debnam and his uncle were in earlier in the week.
Ian Gordon , Prescott Huidekoper , and Bobby Pickett swam over to the Clark boat-house. A fleet of trainers and other admirers accompanied them STORM.
A splendid example of the Otsego storm swept down a day or so ago. The tents stood it very well and the lake was at once filled with boats and canoes tumbling about in the rough but shallow water off the beach. Of course the raft came ashore. These storms are always keenly enjoyed by the whole camp. The lake can become extremely rough in short order.
The councillors and their charges have completed an attractive pool beneath the rustic bridge. Already eleven fish have left the lake for the new development. The formal closing of the largest hole took place Saturday.
Mr. Poore and his tent plus Gene deBullet explored Schuyler Lake and camped on its island Thursday night. The trip was planned to care for Bill Emory and Amory Carhart who depart , to our sorrow and new fields of effort , on Monday.

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