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Home Letter Volume II. Number 1. 1931

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          Twenty-two boys now at camp constitute Hyde Bay's largest July enrollment in its five years of life.

        George C. Poore - fourth season . Whitfield Jack - second season.  Charles Classen - second season ( one as camper in addition) Jacob W. Slagle . Francis Payne, Douglas Wise - first season.  This is the council roll.
        In the "college" Mr. Townsend - fourth season. Mr. Hartzell - third season.  Mr. Dresser - second season. Mr. Dunning - second season.  Mr. Marrian - first season ( a week last year ).

       With menus arranged by Mrs. Pickett, the kitchen is again in the most capable hands of Fielder and Prudence here for their third season.

            A new "standard cabin" in the woods has been built for "The Dunnings". We are very glad to welcome Mrs. Dunning to the family here. Having escaped the flood of last week, they are now engaged in landscaping their environs.

            Mr. Jack spent ten days scouring the hills for horses.   The result is four of the most friendly equines anywhere surviving mechanical competition. As we go to print they have not been in the dining hall.

            Our faithful and friendly skunk  Pedro, has returned to us with two or more un-named comrades. These friendly and intelligent creatures are worming their way more and more into our affections.

            The rains fell and the floods descended last week. The Jake Slagle tent was so thoroughly drenched that the occupants have not missed a morning dip since. It is rumored that they go into the lake to get dry.

            A piano new to us but old in crime, has given Leslie Exshaw a field of greatly appreciated expression.

            Collin Gillis has also played some very pretty airs on the radio at present pinch casting for our regular set.

            We wish to acknowledge the following exchanges : The Glimmerglass.   Spencer Needle.  Greenville Times and Democrats. Sundry French periodicals which Mr. Hartzell takes by the pound-of-the-month-club method.

            The boats are the same with a year of added experience. They have never strained the water more thoroughly. A new propellor has functioned well on the Idlewillie.   A new and broad aquaplane has towed well behind same.

            Due to the preoccupation of Hammy Welbourn in golf and other things., the sailboat has not been upset so far this"semester."

            Deciding that the weather was favorable for an Atlantic flight, the smaller ones went up the mountain for an overnight hike. The dew was unusually heavy that night and unfortunately removed the last traces of starch from the collars of the councillors in charge.
            "Mr. Editor,   In my oppinnyun it rained. yours fer wetter water. P. Huidekoper "  ( This communication was received too late to publish with this issue.)

Bobby Gamble.
            With regret we state that Bobby Gamble, one of our new boys is in the hospital suffering with an agravation of an old ear trouble. He is expected back with in the next few days. Meanwhile he is entertaining guests and working puzles.

Man Hunt.
            The battle of Hyde Bay was fought last evening. As a result Mr. Jack wears a false lip. It was dark of course but this morning Eddie Munger's knuckle was discolored. It was a great fight but the out-party won. (Historical note. The INNS win every time Vermont goes Democratic. )
            "Little"Pickett entertained a ##### party of friends last evening on a trailer-ride. No fatalities but some contusions. Cause- too close reading of the funnies. Legal point- can a  trailer be driven without a predecessing car?

            The elderly Ford which our old readers will remember has emerged from retirement and will be in commission as soon as it can be put together.

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