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A Tribute to Gilman School, Baltimore, Maryland

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Gilman Voices, 1897-1997,
is dedicated to the Gilman boy,
to the Gilman boy in the Gilman man,
and to Walter Lord '35,
a Gilman boy forever.

     John Mercer writing -- I have long thought that Hyde Bay was a family and that every strand of its genealogy somehow passed through Gilman School. Reading the articles from Gilman Voices has convinced me of that. In these articles, kindly supplied by Tom Lynn, I met names of people whom my parents had talked about, but whom I had never known. I know them better now.

     All of these pieces are from "Gilman Voices, 1897-1997" by Patrick Smithwick, published by Gilman School Bookstore, 1997. I thank him for his permission to reproduce them here.

Of Ed Russell and Wrestling Reminiscences - Cooper Walker '33

Gilman in the 30s: A No-nonsense, No-frills Education - Walter Lord '35

Gilman and My Mentor, Miles Marrian - Dawson Farber '35

Memoirs of a Faculty Child or Life at Gilman from Within - Lawrence K. Pickett ' 37

Chapel, Mr. Callard, and a Cherry-red James Dean Jacket - Frank Deford '57

Reverse Assimilation - Harry Turner '71

Theater and Gilman Culture - Jamie Spragins '73

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