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The Legend of William Clarke - Frank Pine offers his version of the chilling story that kept campers awake and wary in their sleeping bags.

Windigo - One of Heb Even's favorites from the Canadian territories, the story of the mythical Windigo is passed down through generations of the Algonquin speaking tribes of Canada, most notably the Ojibwa Indians. Numerous versions of the Windigo are told and this variant is from the imagination of Steve Cunningham. It's graphic, so don't read it if you're prone to nightmares.

The Cardiff Giant - By Samuel Clemens. We campers are familiar with this famous hoax from our trips to the Farmer's Museum. Mark Twain comes face to face with the giant's ghost in this account originally published as a part of "Sketches New and Old" in 1903.









01/27/2011 - The Nighman
Thanks, Tom, thank goodness for teachers!

01/27/2011 - Tom Lynn
      Love the story -- but hate to be a picayune stickler: need to put that "e" on the end of "Clarke"! Otherwise you're talking about a different bunch of folks up there! Hi, Jane!

01/25/2012 - Colin Murray '58-'64
Doug Coup comes to mind. Remember his gutting of a large Shadow Brook terrapin to make his day man's helmet? The outstanding, most memorable part of the story was, of course, Clark's haunting pulmonary difficulty: Labored asthma, collapsed soft palate, and the rattle of chronic death throes. Some nightmen - ostensibly anonymous - could somehow generate that hideous noise; and in the dead of night could effectively exacerbate the already rattled imaginations of the younger campers who, come bedtime, hid silently under the covers trying not to attract attention. Not moving a muscle was equivalent to not being there. Despite such efforts, terror still struck out of the darkness. And peer-derision followed the following morning over Henry's great breakfasts. "Ain't no mo."

01/25/2012 - Uncle Herb Pickett
No comment before story.

01/25/2012 - David Pickett
Nice graphic, simple but very effective! Best, David.

















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