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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to join the Hyde Bay Camp facebook?

      Simply find "facebook" in a search engine and enter your name and email address. Choose a password. Then go to the Hyde Bay Camp page and send a "Friend Request."

The Director's Puzzle doesn't work on my iPad.

      For reasons beyond my imagination, Steven Jobs decided to abandon Flash Content when he released the iPad. There are rumblings that Adobe (creators of Flash Content) is responding by creating ways to circumvent the problem, but not in the near future. Using a laptop or desktop computer will allow Flash Content.

The HBC website disappears when I use the Search function.

       The Search function opens a new tab in your browser. When you click on a page listed in the Search results, your query will appear in the same tab. Return to the Search results by clicking your "Back" button. When finished with the Search tab, close it to return to the HBC website tab.

Some pictures take too long to appear.

       If you use a dial-up connection to connect to your Internet provider, the rate at which information is transferred to your browser is around 56k/second. This is fine but may take awhile to download large files. Broadband connections, such as DSL or Cable, provide faster transfer of data.  Every effort has been made to reduce the size of files and JPGs in the HBC website.

I can't see the latest updates on a web page.

      Many browsers cache web pages so they'll load faster. When this happens, you only see the cached version of a web page instead of the most recent version. To see the latest version of a web page, right click in the browser window and select "Refresh" or "Reload."

What is "Active Content?"

    Active Content is program code embedded in the contents of a web page. When the page is accessed by a web browser, the embedded code is automatically downloaded and executed on the user's workstation. The only pages that use Active Content in the HBC website are the Director's Puzzle and the campfire in "Ghost Stories."

How do I enable Active Content in Microsoft Internet Explorer?

    The Microsoft Internet Explorer browser usually opens with "Allow Active Content" unchecked in the security settings. This security measure offers protection against nefarious code embedded in certain web pages. None of the HBC website pages has any malicious code embedded in them (our server, National-net.com, is very secure) so feel free to enable Active Content while using our site.

    To enable Active Content; Open Tools/Internet Options/Advanced/Security and then Scroll down to Security. Put a check in the box for "Allow active content in files."

What is Flash Player?

    Adobe Flash Player is software that lets you put animation and movies on a web page. So far, The only pages the use Flash Player in the HBC website are the Director's Puzzle and the campfire in "Ghost Stories." You'll need Flash 8 or better to assemble the puzzle and win the prize.

How do I download Flash Player?

    Adobe Flash Player can be found here. Flash Player is a harmless program that enables a surfer to see movies and interactive content. It uses very little space on your hard drive.

I get an error message telling me to upgrade to the newest version of Flash Player - Even after I've installed the latest version.

    Try uninstalling Flash Player then install the new version. To uninstall Flash Player from your computer in XP, go to Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>Adobe Flash Player>Remove. Once removed, install the new version.

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