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Who's Coming and Who Can't Durbar VI, 2011
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Durbar VI
August 4 - 7, 2011

Some nice regrets

George Barker - Rusty -- Regretfully, Anne and I will not be able to make the Durbar. Some family vacation opportunities have come up that we need to give priority to. We are sorry that we won't be there. Your stalwart organizing efforts are greatly appreciated. Please keep us in the email chain so that we can enjoy the event, albeit vicariously. Best regards, George Barker

Page West - Hi Rusty, As mentioned some months ago, we will be unable to come to Hyde Bay this year since we are leaving in August for my teaching stint in Vienna, Austria, for four months through the end of the year. Page

Bill Dube - Rusty, Sad to say but I will not be able to make it this year. I have yet to meet my goals for this year. If I do however I'll be there with bells on... Probably in a rental van as I'll need a place to stay.... LOL ...It will remind me of the days I used to race in the General Clinton Canoe Marathon every memorial day...Did that for five years in a row... ahhhhh sweet youth.... Friday is my followup colonoscopy. Ah sweet age.... LOL Have a great reunion if I don't make it. c-ya, Bill

George Radcliffe - Rusty, Hope all is well with you. Chris West just emailed me saying he was headed up to Cooperstown. I so wish I could join you all, but family responsibilities keep me bound here. I retired to help take care of 2 of my grandchildren, whom we take care of 4 days a week, and that, taking care of my mom, and the 1000-acre family property keep me busy beyond belief. Mom needs constant care, and Jackie and I have relatively no freedom. It's what we have to do, and I happily accept that responsibility. Jackie and I celebrated our 40th anniversary last December, and she is still my life and passion. I'm passing up joining you all plus my 40th college reunion in the next 2 weeks. C'est la vie! So you realize this means that you're going to have to do this again. But life is great, and I have not a regret in the world. Just checked out the Hyde Bay website; it's really come a long way since I first saw it. What memories! I know it was a major influence on my brother Bill in his short life. It was a difficult time in my life but clearly shaped my future career as a teacher, outdoorsman, and environmental leader in our area. William Clark still lives down here; tell it every summer as a part of an outdoor environmental program I run. One of Jolly Schmick's Gilman students actually heard it as a part of that program last summer - small world. Let me know if you're ever down in this area. My sincere thoughts will be with you all. Best to you, George

Prescott (Huidi) Huidekoper - I have many fond memories of my Summers at Hyde Bay Camp....all my best to my fellow campers..."Strawberry Shortcake, Huckleberry Pie"...!!!

Mac Mellor - Dear Rusty: I wondered if this was the case, although I had heard nothing since Jim and I spoke last fall.  At that time Jim wanted Doug's email address which I provided.  I haven't spoken to Jock since he wanted HBC material for the books he and his wife were publishing.  Do you ever communicate with him? I last saw Doug last summer as he was travelling while I visited H2I this winter. It looks like you will have a good turnout, albeit a bit younger crowd than Main, McQuilkin, J., Mellor and Coupe, D. Enjoy, Mac

Colin (Coco) Murray - Teriff to see so many familiar names. Thought my nickname was buried forever. Looking forward to exchanging virtual high-fives with those with disposable FB time. That will have to do since health issues have me permanently locked up in a/c far away in FL. with first wife, Elizabeth. Brother, Eric, still lives up north. Like you, he just had a hip replaced. Like you, I have a daughter, Maggie, now 36! One was enough. Remember me to the people who laughed a lot. And about Steve [Cunningham], himself... I wonder if he remembers that Sunday service when Mr. Downs (?) spoke on some subject that called for knowing the origin (or metaphorical background) of surnames.  Cunningham, we all learned, meant rabbit farmer!  Remember Dale Wade (or Wade Dale)?  He was so taken with Ann Margaret in Bye Bye, Birdie, that for some time he would let out a manic whoop at the mention of her name - even during meals.  Nowadays, one might suspect he had Tourette's syndrome.  Just snippets, but collected, you have the makings of a period piece.
Steve Cunningham writing -- Colin, I remember well that service, though the Cunningham legacy is best known for a Cunningham hiding some royalty in a cart of hay as he was being chased. The Cunningham moto is: "Over Fork Over." I don't know anything about the rabbits.

Blake Goldsmith - Just had lunch with Bruce Rice –I will not be making the trip this year but keep me on the list of communications as I do want to make it up there and would be happy to chip in toward the sign as token gesture to my belief in the legacy of Hyde Bay.

Jock (Jocko) McQuilkin - I was talking to Tom Tom (Mercer) the other day. One's memories and images of things past are sometimes murky...but not when it comes to HBC...we remember IT ALL. I would love our contributors to know that one Jocko (together with his world-class illustrator wife Martha) spent eight years writing a four volume fairytale for adults. Part II is dedicated to HBC with a picture (no less) of tent # 16 councilored by Sandy Jencks. The inscription reads "With fondest summer memories of Hyde Bay Camp for Boys (1927-1969), Cooperstown, New York.

Bob (Big Bob) and Shirley Cunningham - We are not able to work out the logistics between cruising and getting to Cooperstown this summer. If something changes, I will let you know. We realize that the hotel will not be available to us. We will be thinking about the reunion from wherever we are at the time (somewhere in Maine or Canada).

Jim (Jimain, Jimain) Main - Hi Steve ... It was with a great deal of angst that we had to cancel our plans to attend the Durbar this year.  We return to the eastcoast about every three years for family visits, and this year our family reunion with extensions overlapped the timing of the Durbar, so as we told Rusty, "blood flowed thicker than water" and the family pressures won out over our being with you all ... We will definitely be with you in spirit and not too far away as well ... Have a blast along the Glimmerglass, say "hi" to Natty Bumpo, and give a thought to all the great thespians who had trod the stage at the Hyde Bay Theatre every Saturday night ... have a wonderful Durbar ... Jim and Claudette Main (aka: "Jimain, Jimain").

Jennifer Downs - Too bad I will miss this gathering again. It's fun seeing the photos and considering who I remember. I was one of the girls at camp along with Kristen Garver and Susie Carlton....Our last summer I was 11 years old...so sad for me! Loved that end of the summer bonfire. - Jennifer (aka "Jeffie" Downs)

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