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08-14-18 - The Golden Age of Gilman

John McDaniel submitted to John Mercer a PDF file concerning opinions on the Golden Age of Gilman. An interesting piece of history. Link to concersations and PDF file here.

08-17-18 Blake Goldsmith - Hi Steve and Bruce , As a former Gilman boy I would be curious how many Gilman folks there were during my time there. Notables like Big Bruce, Jolly Schmick and Shoemaker were ones that come to mind immediately. Bruce do you have any idea you are a bit of an historian. I do not have Tom Lynne’s email but he might also be a good source. Cheers

08-18-18 Stan Heuisler - My class of ‘60 was notable in that over half the graduates from that year went on to Princeton, Yale, Harvard and Penn. Perhaps that stands as a record. 

08-18-18 Bruce Rice - My recollection as to Gilmanites, at least partially,  of our era: Lot of brothers:Lynn (Billy, Tom, Jimmie); Rice (Bruce, Jeff); Danzer (Bruce, John); Clinnin (Dave, John); Turner (Chooch, Harry); Tompkins, Dexter; Andrews, Brackie; Pitts, Tim (?). Tom – who else?

08-18-18 John Schmick - Good going Boo....how about Mac Barrett, Neal Cavanaugh, John Howard, Mike Whedbee, Jeff Levi, John, Pete and Jamie Spragins, Oeter Andrews as well as his brother, and I am sure there were others....Pierre was a Gilman boy until 4th grade when he moved out of town...

08-18-18 Winston Wood - Don't forget Jeff Levi, Josh Shoemaker and Skip Hebb. But the Pitts brothers, Tim and Toby, went to Friends, interlopers like me and my St. Paul's brethren. And though originally Gilman boys, Chooch Turner went to Severn and Brax Andrews to BL. Not to be a skunk at the garden party, but during my Hyde Bay years.1960-66, perhaps as few as 20 percent of the campers attended "that school" on Roland Avenue. Maybe 25 percent at most. 

08-18-18 Mac McClelland - Chooch ended up at Severn class of ‘68 I think. Also this bit about Chooch on the “best HS Lax player not to play in college” forum: http://network.laxpower.com/laxforum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=33694&start=20, it’s not just about him but scroll down the page.

08-18-18 Blake Goldsmith - Chris West and Bob Erlandson were Gilman boys/ men. Trying to think of older ones.  Impressed by the class of 1960's college acceptance statute. I still have Harvard envy. 



07-21-18 Winston Wood - This article ran in The Wall Street Journal yesterday and sadly it marks how far things have changed for kids at camp since we went to Hyde Bay in the happy long ago. In an age of trigger warnings, helicopter parents, etc., I suppose that it was meant to be, though. But I just can't get my mind around the thought of a sensitive and sympathetic Doug Coupe or supportive and caring Jocko McQuilkin.

"The New Camp Councilor is a Therapist"

07/22/18 Larry Pickett - We could have used a bit of counseling attention for bulling and being unkind to kids with differences at Hyde Bay but this describes a whole different set of issues.  The screen addiction and apparent increase in medication use is amazing.  As is the cost of a summer.  M\The level of medication for ADHD in a non-school setting is concerning.  In my experience, working in the schools, many kids on meds at school did not need them on weekends.

07/22/19 Jennifer (aka Jeffie) Downs - Wow, that's depressing! Geez.

07/23/18 Doug Cornish - Thank you for the article.

07/23/18 - Doug (aka Plop) Coupe - Steve, many thanks to Winston and you for sending along copy of article. A the risk of sounding “older than dirt” all of us who had the good fortune to attend Hyde Bay back in the day of the “Turtle Derby” and “8” Regatta” I would reflect on the following.

Ours was certainly a simpler time coupled with an innocence no longer in existence. We were consumed by the opportunity to have good clean fun(for the most part), many solid core values, and the opportunity to learn what independence was all about at a very young age. These wonderful life lessons which were the cornerstone of our Hyde Bay experience, have made, and continue to make, for a wonderful and memorable life.



06/01/18 - Hyde Bay's 50th-year-since-closing reunion (Durbar) will be held at the Otasego Resort Hotel Thursday June 20, 2019 (next year!) through Sunday June 22, 2019.

Contact Rusty Pickett through:


03/12/18 - Colin Murray died on March 26th, 2018. Colin was a brilliant man and an excellent writer. You will be missed, Colin. Colin's wife and daughter were with him when he died. Colin fought bravely with Primary Progressive MS for 33-years. He even made his own concoctions to battle the pain, to much success.






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