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1951 Photo 3

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June 20, 2016 -- Steve Cunningham writing --

According to the May 17, 1951 Home Letter Al Kerr did not attend camp in 1951. This email from Karen Feinin positively identifies her parents:
"Hi Steve,
....My parents were counselors there in 1951 and I was so thrilled to find a photo with them in it. They are as yet unidentified in the caption with the photo so I thought I could help. The photo is #3 under 1951. 
    My mom, Rosalie (Ro) Feinen, was the secretary to the director that year.  She is the dark haired lady wearing a plaid shirt standing in front of the man who is holding the dog in the back on the right.
    My dad, Ronald (Bud) Feinen, was in charge of handicrafts that year.  He is standing all the way to the right, on the very end, the third man from the front with dark hair and a plain dark shirt.
    If you look at The Home Letter, vol.25 - June 30, 1951 - No. 4, you can confirm my information.  They are mentioned near the bottom under "Married Councilors."..."


August 11, 2002 -- John Mercer writing -- The Mercer dog's name was Hansi (if that wasn't the earlier Reuben).

August 11, 2002 -- Tom Offutt writing -- Oops, I missed Bob Russell, - that is Blaise and John Hurst next to Puffy Evans.

August 11, 2002 -- Tom Offutt writing -- ...that is Rusty and I even remember the dog Tom Mercer is holding (but not its name) - let's start now at the far left - there is Aunt Florence Russell ( I think)(( It might be Mary Chandlee but I don't think she was on the scene this early)), and then John Rouse, I don't know the husband and wife & kid (mystery folk), the Chief, Rosalie (Ro) Feinen, Kittie Mercer and then Phil Pratt --- now back to Aunt Florence - "Dave ?" Mohr stands behind George Callard, then three guys I never saw before and Leslie Manning (the "Beezer"), Goodie Cook, a very wary Tom Offutt, not Gibby Carey but Alexander Johnson Cassatt (Sandy) next to Cubbie -- of course, there is Uncle Ed Russell, Sandy Jenks, unknown, Dave Andrews, another unknown, then a remarkable Horse UL, [Hammond] Grip-en-curl (sp), Phil Schwartz, "?" Williams, Pete Powell and behind Pete is Mac Williams.

John Mercer writing --The year is 1951. In the back, I can find Bob Pickett (probably with Rusty), Emily Pickett, the Director, Jim Dresser, and my father with holding a dog; in the next row down, I know only Chiefie, Rosalie (Ro) Feinen, my mother, and Phil Pratt; then I see only Leslie Manning (if that's who it is), Gibby Kerry (?), Tommy Offut, and Ronald (Bud) Feinen; then maybe Puffy Evans, Blaise DiSibour, Bobby Russell and (drum roll, please) Cubby Forman; in the front, I think I see Pete Powell, Phil Schwartz, Sandy Jencks, and, of course, Ed Russell. Please fill in others.

1951 Photo 3

Front row from the left:

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