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Derick "Rick" Coupe

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Rick Coupe
Camper and Councilor from 1957 - 1966

Rick Coupe 2008

      October 2009 - After Hyde Bay Camp, I finished my senior year of high school and went on to attend The University of Virginia graduating with a GPA similar to that of our 43rd President.  After a couple of jobs in my hometown of Albany, NY, I traveled to Europe in the winter of 1972, returned and worked construction for a while.  One day it was snowing in April, and I got in my car and headed south, landing in the Washington, DC area where I've lived for over 37 years.  I got a job as a waiter/cook at a Georgetown nightclub called The Cellar Door.  I worked there for 5 years learning lights & sound, becoming the Stage Mgr. and eventually the Manager.  I then went to another restaurant in Georgetown as an assistant Manager and finally landed in the Prince George's County School System where I managed a theater for the system and the local community.  After 11 years, I left to work for a real estate developer as a Property/Asset Manager.  That was difficult, unrewarding work and I quit after 5 years.  After bouncing around a bit, trying to sell real estate and freelancing setting up conferences in hotels, I landed a job at Fox News Channel (I take no responsibility for editorial content) as a Transmission/Master Control Operator where I've been since 1997.Rick Coupe 2008

   As for my family, I was married in 1983 and have 2 children--a boy (24) and a girl (21) [as of October, 2009]. I'm also getting to play some golf (although I'm terrible) and I still play Baseball in a league for seniors.  The camp teams were better!

    My memories of Hyde Bay Camp are that of it being a terrific place to spend the summers and grow up. I learned to swim, to sail, to play baseball, and to act on stage.  The only reason I left when I did, was that I had too much fun! I also need to make some more money before I headed off to college.  That was in the summer of 1967 which was the Summer of Love--a fact I didn't become aware of until 1989.  I went back there by myself in 1994 and walked around a bit, but recognized very little.  I did pull over on the way into Cooperstown and climbed up the hill/mountain to Natty Bumpo's cave.  It was easier to climb at age 10 than at age 45.  In town, I was a bit disappointed in that all the baseball souvenir stores have taken over.  The theater where I saw Ann Margaret sing "Bye Bye Birdie" is now selling souvenirs.  The Baseball strike was starting the next day and I was upset, so I passed on The Hall of Fame and headed back home.

   I do enjoy the website and the photographs and correspondence.  I have many memories and stories I could tell--perhaps if I could hook up at one of your reunions.  I saw Todd Mulvenny at his home near Annapolis back when my son was an infant (I remember taking the car seat into his house).  I also used to run into Winston Wood from time to time when we both attended UVA. The last time I was with a large contingent from Hyde Bay Camp was a some reunion in Baltimore around 1970 or '71. My brother Doug occasionally sees Mac Mellor in Hilton Head, SC and talks with Tom Mercer once in a while.

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