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Nick King

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Nicholas S."Nick" King
Camper, UL and Councilor from 1958 - 1960, '62, '64

Nick King     I attended camp the first half of 1958 in tent 9 with Frank Wilkie Pine (Aku, Aku and Trilobites?); 1959 tent 2; 1960 tent 1; UL 1962 (second half), Moldy City; and 1964, tent 9 shared Council with John Diamond.

     Trenton Falls '60 after passing jr. life saving was a big accomplishment for me. Baseball at Doubleday field was an honor, and so much fun to play on a smooth surface after playing in sandlots.Nicholas King

     I went to Hill School 1962-1966; Cornell '70 and '72  (business school).

     John Spragins HBCamper, (Gilman School boy, no?)  was also in my fraternity in college.

     I then eventually found my way to Hartford CT and Group Insurance Underwriting at Connecticut General ; have been in Hartford area to this day.

     Basically semi-retired now.  

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