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A. Neville Cutting

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Neville Cutting
1946 - 2001

UL from 1961 - 1962

Orlando Sentinel
7 August 2001

A. NEVILLE CUTTING, 55, Barcelona Way, Winter Park, died Thursday, Aug. 2. Mr. Cutting was owner of Cutting Loose Fishing Expeditions and a sales associate for Mercedes-Benz, Orlando. Born in Washington, D.C., he moved to Central Florida in 1984. Survivors: wife, Louise; half-brothers, George W., Oyster Bay, N.Y., John A. Hinckley, Richmond, Va.; half sister, Dorothy Morrell, Vancouver Island; stepsister, Martha McDuffie, Bailey, Colo.

February 13, 2003 - Winston Wood writing:  If you’re collecting a necrology, here’s a sad note. Neville was in camp in 1960 and ‘61, and our families were friends. I don’t even remember him in a tent because it seemed he was always at the stables with Doug Cornish and the other horsey types.

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