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Arthur "Mac" Mellor

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Mac Mellor
Councilor from 1957 - 1961
Tents 5, 5, 4, 17, and MC

Mac Mellor 1960s

      From Hyde Bay Letters: 5/6/2002 - I've spent nearly all my time since graduate school as a professor at various ranks, at Purdue, Drexel, and Vanderbilt (starting January 1988) Universities, plus a brief visiting stint at the University of California, Irvine. I was educated as an aero engineer, but have always taught in departments of mechanical engineering. In addition, there was one year working for the federal government, and about one and one-half years as a marketing guru in a small (250 people) engineering consulting firm. So, I have lived in Indiana, Southern California, Philadelphia, Durham, and now Nashville in addition to school time in Connecticut and New Jersey. Summers in Maine seem to be my only touch with "home," although I was born in New York State in a small city located a few hours southwest of Cooperstown. It was Leslie Manning at the Taft School who recruited me for a piano playing job at Hyde Bay for the summer of 1957. Mac Mellor 2003

      Because of the work load referred to last week, and because I wanted the freedom to move from job to job without family encumbrances, I have resisted any urge to marry (and imagine I am safely home now). I also found that to do my job the way I believe it should be done, close relationships with my research students are essential. So, my family consists of about 12 Ph.D. alumni, nearly 30 Master's alumni, and a lot of undergraduates (not many of whom remain in contact, I admit). As example, three of the Ph.D. alumni will be executors for my estate and apply whatever is left, after the feds take what they consider their share, for the benefit of my sisters and their children.

      I know that Hyde Bay helped me develop this interest in the education and maturing of young people. That is one reason that my greatest sadness about the fate of the camp is the prior-to-now silence from and about the people (with a few exceptions) I knew then as campers.

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