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Dr. John T. (Jay) Alexander

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Dr. John T. (Jay) Alexander
Camper, U.L. from 1948-53, 1955

      Loved Mouldy's comment about HBC: magical place and time. Incredible people!

      Anybody remember Steve Bullock? Loved sailing at HB and the terror my first time inspired. Later became obsessed with sailing and all the parts of comets, etc.

      Billy Barker crewed with me when we won the end of year competition in the White boat, barely beating Jimmy Merrick, who may well think we should have been disqualified. He may be right.

      Loved playing Capture the Flag and singing after supper. Wonderful counselors when I was younger: Bobby Russell, Edo Ackerson, Tom Offut. In 1955 Charlier Classen and I shared a small annex next to the tutoring school dorm. I was so proud to drive the garbage truck that year!!Dr. John (Jay) T. Alexander

Profile since camp:
1957-61, Wesleyan University;
1961-66, Indiana University - Certificate of Russian area studies, Ph.D.;
1964-65, Exchange Scholar Leningrad and Moscow, USSR;
1961-2005, University of Kansas, professor of history and Russian and East European studies;
1964, Married Maria Kovalak Hreha - son Michal and Daughter Darya.

From http://www2.mssu.edu/international/russia/russiasem.htm:

Dr. John T. (Jay) Alexander is professor of history and Russian and East European Studies at the University of Kansas since 1966. He is best known for his biograhy of Catherine the Great: Life and Legend (Oxford, 1980), which was selected by several book clubs and has been reprinted in paperback and luxury editions. He has also published three other original books, three book-length translations from Russian, many journal articles, encyclopedia entries, and book reviews. He was one of the commentators of the History Channel production, Russia, Land of the Tsars, which has been broadcast in many different countries.

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