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Eddie Brown

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Edward W. "Eddie" Brown, Jr.
Camper, U.L., councilor from 1949-1953, 1955-1958

Eddie Brown        Member of the highly successful Hyde Bay Swim Team in 1953.

        2 years in the U.S. Army Artillery, 17 yearsteacher/coach at Gilman School, 32years Investment Counselors of Maryland.

1953 Swim team

1953 Swim Team
"Whose aquatic skill and daring spread terror through the Mohawk Valley."

L to R: Carolyn Mercer, Billy McEwan, Dick Moss,
           Dick Griffon, John Alexander, Eddie Brown.

On Durbar I - To the best of my recollection, and I don’t recall the year, for the first Durbar, we all stayed at Rathbuns. The Commodore was there, of course. Other attendees were Uncle Bobby Russell and his tribe, George Barker and his kids, the Browns and their two children, and I believe Jack Garver and family, the Mercers, and I believe that Mr. Dresser of the tutoring school came around the lake for our big dinner. Blaise deSibour and Chiefie were there. (My memory is that Blaise threw Chiefie in the lake – which may have been a little more than the chief had bargained for.) Mrs. Macy, also. A flood of memories!

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