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Don Peet

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Pastor Don "Topsy Turvy" Peet
Camper, U.L. and Jr. Councilor from 1950 - 1959

Don Peet        I gave myself this nickname because of two episodes in my life at Hyde Bay; I just passed my sailing test and was taking one of the Comets out after Milk and Cookies.  The boat was at the dock, we cast off, I sheet in hard on a course due west across the lake.  The wind was from the south, we were travelling west, the sails were in tight, and we made it to the raft before tipping over; One of the years I had a canoe on Trenton Falls my bowman, Butch O’Dell and I decided we play pirate and attack the other canoes.  We’d attack, tip their canoe over and plunder their "gold and silver," avast ye maties.  Ah, the best laid plans.  Butch and I tipped over like a gazillion times and had a ball!

        Doug Coupe and I were the first two campers from Rochester (Raachesteh),  Most everyone else was from Bal’more and Gilman.

        My first year I was in tent 6.

        I remember; a year on the Susquehanna when some poor kid was swinging out over the river as powerboat came around the bend.  The kid didn’t know what to do and just held onto the rope; Winston Wood playing Charles Lindbergh in the theater; Walking to or from Doubleday Field for the Hall of Fame game; A treasure hunt where we found a big snake, and were too afraid of the snake that we “knocked it out” (bashed its head) and took it back to camp so we could win the hunt.

        My last year, 1959, I was a Jr. Counselor, Tent 3.

Since Camp;       

Don Peet and Charlotte Peet        BS(Industrial Engineering) University of Michigan, 1965; Married Charlotte Clinger, August 21, 1965.  Char and I met on a blind date in high school, and she was the reason I didn’t return to camp in 1960; Son Christopher born, October 1966.  Chris graduated from New York Theological Seminary in 2012; Worked as an Industrial Engineer, and as a marketing specialist in healthcare; Son Trevor born March, 1969; MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology, 1974; Daughter Heather born November 1974; Healthcare Consultant, primarily in Materials Management.

        God intervened in my life and called me to Pastoral Ministry, and at 42 entered seminary. MDiv, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1988; ordained by the Reformed Church in America, 1988. Served as Pastor in churches in NY/NJ.  I was installed as Pastor at New Utrecht Reformed Church, Brooklyn, NY; West Nyack Reformed Church, West Nyack, New York and Cobblestone Church, Schenectady, NY.

        After a painful divorce from the West Nyack Church, I served three churches, United Reformed, Clifton, NJ, Middlesex (NJ) Presbyterian and the Reformed Church of the Tarrytowns (NY), as an Specialized Intentional Interim Minister.

        DMin, Drew University, 1997.

        Professional Project: Passion and Spiritual Gifts, Keys to Revisioning the Life and Ministry at Middlesex Presbyterian Church During the Interim. (University Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan).

        Retired at he end of 2008.

        Publish my first book, Grace Robbers, in 2011, and am currently working on a study guide for Grace Robbers and a second book, A Pastor Looks at Prophecy.

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