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Clifford Forman

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Clifford "Cubby" Forman
Camper, U.L. and councilor from 1945 - 1952

Cliff Forman     I have been in the show cave business most of my life working on or promoting caves. My last cave sold and became part of a state park and I retired a very happy camper. I then started a videoCliff Forman
production studio and finally sort of retired from that too.

     I inherited my parents house near 6 mile point and live there about 6 months of the year. I often think of HBC as we look across the lake. The other 6 months we live on the Big Island of Hawaii about 12 miles south of Hilo.

     Future plans may involve moving back to the lake to enjoy the winters. Hawaii is nice but a bit too
far away.


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