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1950s Group 28
Tent 53A 1957

Steve Cunningham Writing 07/25/10 - The names listed oin the July 1957 Tent List are; Cravener, Coupe, R., Jasper, Parker, Pickett, D. After the change-over in July, some boys might have been replaced. Who are the unnamed boys?

Quoting Rick Coupe 07/22/10 - "That's me on the right and David Pickett to my right. I think the guy in the tent is Kirk ? The Councilor is Nat Cravener (nicknamed Sneaks). On the right is Dicky Grout? and next to him, I think, Griswald? I don't remember the remaining names."

In Tent: Kirk?
Left to right: Dicky Grout?, Griswald?,______ , _______, David Pickett, Ricky Coupe.
Councilor: Nat Cravener

1950s 28
Photo courtesy of Rick Coupe

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