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1950s Group 12
Tent 12, 1957

December 4, 2009 - Tom Casky writing - Tent 12 1957 is left to right: Charles Davidson, Tom Caskey, (no G)  Eddie Brown, Dean Marks (sitting), Harvey Stanley and Brad Damon.  I just discovered this site. It's great - Many memories.  Tom Caskey

August 13, 2009 -- Steve Cunningham writing -- But which are Gasky, Davidson, Marks and Erdle?

January 5, 2003 -- Mac Mellor writing -- Tent 12 in 1957 -- listed as Brown, Gaskey, Damon, B., Davidson, Erdle, Marks.

December 29, 2002 -- Mac Mellor writing -- Councilor Eddie Brown, Brad Damon to the far right.

Much thanks to Tom Clasky for IDs.
Standing: Charles Davidson, Tom Caskey, Eddie Brown, Harvey Stanley, Brad Damon.
Sitting: Dean Marks.

1950s 12

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