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Homeletter 1946 Volume XX, Staff

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HYDE BAY HOME LETTER                Volume XX 1946                        Staff



GEORGE CHANDLEE, HEAD COUNCILOR, is back at Hyde Bay after several years in the Army. He was Head Councilor for several years before the war. He is on the faculty of the Gilman Country School. Mr. and Mrs. Chandlee are living in the cabin formerly occupied by the Russells.

BOB PICKETT is back after several years in the Navy. He assists both The Head Councilor and the Director. Bob has been at Hyde Bay since he was four years old in all possible capacities. In the Navy he was Physical Instructor, getting invaluable training in the sort of work done at camp. Mrs. Pickett is a trained nurse who has taken over most of the health duties previously performed by Mrs. Pickett, Senior. Betty Pickett was also in the Navy as a nurse for several years. They are living in a tent joining the infirmary.

AL KERR, after several years as an officer in the Navy, mostly on L.S.T’s in the Atlantic and Pacific, is back in charge of music. He was with Hyde Bay for many years before the war. He taught at the Gilman Country School and Cooperstown Academy.

DELANEY KIPHUTH is in charge of the waterfront. He graduated from Yale in 1941 where he was guard on the football team. He was four years in the Army Air Force —— 37 months over-seas. He attained the rank of Major. With Mrs. Kiphuth and their daughter, Meg, he occupies a new cabin in the poplar grove above the tutoring school.

These four men constitute a sort of senior council, or general staff; relieving the Director of much responsibility, worry, and detail.


HANK HOSLEY graduated from Sherburne High School. He is In charge of tennis and lives in Tent 18.

MICKEY STEPHENSON, dividing his time between tennis and sailing, rules tent No. 6. He is serving his second year as councilor after several years at Hyde Bay as a camper. He is a student at Cooperstown Academy.

PALMER WILLIAMS, who graduates from the Gilman County School in 1947, is back for a second year as a councilor after several previous years as a camper. He presides over Tent 4.

JIM WATERS is back again for a second season as councilor. He is in charge of Tent No. 1. HE graduated from St. Anne’s Academy of New York in 1946, where he was President of Sodality.


LIN GRAY is back after several years absence for his second season as a councilor He had previously been a camper at Hyde Bay. He is a student at Cornell, where he holds one of the Pepsi—Co1a scholarships which he won in California. He looks after Handicraft and is councilor in Tent No. 7.

HEB EVANS, Gilman-1947, Princeton 1949, is back for a third year as Hyde Bay councilor. He has been able to get back to camp from time to time during the last year or so. At Princeton he is on the junior varsity Wrestling and varsity LaCross teams. He is master of Tent 2 and one of the senior sailing councilors.

TONY BOGATKO has also risen from the status of U. L. to that of councilor. In the mean time, however, he has served with the late General Patton as infantryman in the famous France—German drive. Tony was at Hyde Bay for several years as a camper and U. L. This year he is in charge of the shop work and general repairs. He will return to M.I.T. in the fail.
DICK EVANS, brother to Heb, was a U. L. last year. This year finds him in charge of Tent 10. He attends the Gilman Country School, where he graduates in 1947. He is on the News Board, and on the Football, wresting, and LaCross teams.


MARSHALL DIGGS, Yale 1947, was Graduated from St. Albans School in Washington in 1943. He is supreme commander of the Cavalry. In other words, he is in charge of horseback riding. He also looks after Tent 12. He has been associated with Dwight Hall work at Yale.

DAVE FITZELL graduated from the University of Rochester in 1945. He is a third-year medical student at the University of Rochester Medical School. He was in the Navy V-12 program. He lives in Oneonta, N.Y. and brings to Hyde Bay his experience in sailing on Lake Ontario. Naturally he is a Senior Sailing Councilor.

JIM LATANE graduated from the Episcopal High School in 1938 and later the university of Virginia. He was four and a half years in the Army Air Corps as a Navigation Officer with the rank of Captain. He was over-seas in the European sector for a year. He has the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with three oak leaves. He is a first-year law student at the University of Maryland. His tent is No. 14. He is associated with swimming and canoeing.

ED MAXSON graduated from Governor Dummer in 1946 where he was co-captain of Baseball and Captain of Football. He also was awarded the Morse Flag, which is the highest honor bestowed by the school. He looks after tennis and pays some attention to baseball, as well as running Tent No. 3.

OLLIE THOMSON will graduate from the Allendal School of Rochester in 1947. He lives in Pittsford, New York. He is on the school Basketball and Baseball teams. He is the councilor in Tent 8.

FACULTY: The Russells, to our great regret, are taking a Sabbatical year. Mr. Hanford A. Farnum of the Cooperstown Academy faculty has joined our staff as English teacher. James N. Barriskill, James L. Dresser, an Thomas McC. Mercer are back in their old positions on the summer school faculty. Mr. Barriskill is once more in charge of dramatics.

IN THE KITCHEN: Jimmie Walker and Theodore Chapman are back with us after many seasons at Hyde Bay. Their assistants are new in the persons of James Holly and Herman Kelly.

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