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THE PATIENT.  In spite of our worries we are all most anxious to hear about Billy Middendorf.  I am happy to say that he is out of all danger and will be out of the hospital within a few days.  He has none of the feared complications such as paralysis.  He will be as good as new after a rest.  His father has left Cooperstown for his home.

PARENTAL REACTION.  As I wrote to you all I was more worried about the parents than about the boys.  Well, I had my worry for nothing.  As soon as my letters had time to arrive a flood of telegrams and phone calls began to come in.  They were so fine that it was very touching to me.  I felt as if it were a testimonial dinner.  Only one mother sounded at all upset.  We have been asked for daily reports by wire on one boy.  A boy living in Cooperstown was transferred to an isolated guest house on their grounds by arrangement with the local health authorities and by advice of the parent’s doctor.  One other boy who entered camp after Billy had left was adjudged not to have been exposed and was allowed to return to his home in order to avoid the possibility of infection if another case developed.  This was accomplished with some difficulty on the part of health authorities.

When you think that fifty-odd parents were involved and when you reflect on the variety of opinions likely to be held by their various doctors, this is indeed a remarkable record.  I feel that nothing in the fifteen years of the camp’s history has been more pleasing than this response.

THE SITUATION.  We are in quarantine til Monday which is the 18th of August.  This is so if no new cases develop.  Up to Sunday night there have been none.  We have one new boy in the hospital because he had a temperature and jaundice was feared.  As you know this is not a communicable disease and a report about an hour ago says he is quite all right and will be back very soon.  It is a mere upset stomach.

Only two temperatures have been found out of normal.  The doctor has been summoned at once in every case and has cleared each patient.  The general health of the camp has never been better.  You always expect some ailments among fifty or more boys.

WEATHER.  Our cause has been helped by almost perfect weather.  The camp has gone full blast with the exception of longer rest periods and a bit earlier bed time in several cases.

FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO GO TO HEADQUARTERS THE HOSPITAL NUMBER IS COOPERSTOWN ***300 and I am sure Dr. Kydd would be willing to talk to any anxious parent.  Every precaution will be taken as a matter of routine and the parents in general are so “good” that we have plenty of time to attend to any special request you may have.  If you have any special routine you want enforced or any special reports just ask for them.
                          HERBERT E. PICKETT
                          5 P.M. Sunday, August 10.

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