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Homeletter 1936 Vol. 9, No. 6

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Hyde Bay

HYDE BAY HOME LETTER.          VOLUME NINE.    NUMBER 6.  Aug. 10, 1936.

    We still have the astounding record of no rainy days.  It has rained at night, in the morning, in the afternoon, but never so far for a whole day.  A splendid hard shower came on Wednesday night.

    An important chapter in Hyde Bay character building was written on Monday afternoon.  Walter Lord sold at public auction the super-equipment of his tent, "Luxury Lodge".  Later we had a letter from Walter saying that the profits had nicely financed the trip home with the added comment that the boys should learn financial caution as early as possible.  The auction was an up roarious success.  It may have been Sunday afternoon as Walter left early on Monday.

    It was a peculiar pleasure to read to the camp, letters from Walter Lord, written in the left field pavilion, or it may have beenright, at Oriole Park, from Cooper Walker written from Cathay and the Ind. Both were masterpieces and much enjoyed. Cooper announces his twenty-first birthday.

    All the old campers were rejoiced to have Fielder spend a week at camp.  He is slowly recovering from his illness which prevented his being in his place at camp this year.He could not keep his hand out entirely as some delicious cream puffs gave proof.

    Our visitors book, if we had one, has a lot of entries.  The Kinders were here for a day and left John for a few weeks.  Of course, they visited with Gordon.  For the sad and solemn purpose of depriv­ing us of two campers, in came the Brunes to take off Freddie and the Westerlinds to bear away George.  Dean Richmond's parents were in for a short stop on their way to Connecticut with Mr. and Mrs. Douglas. Old Camper Buddy Semans and George Creighton spent a night with us.Bucky Turner was here over the week end and took away Billy Lynn with him to make a raid on the innocent and unsuspecting Cape May.  When that gale hits the name will be Cape January.Billy left three orphan chicks at Hyde Bay.

    Jack Thomas came in Friday for the rest of the season.  He is an avid camper, having appeared at about this time last year,
Monday MOVIES!
We forewent movies on Saturday as even the habitual cinemaniacs agreed that the films were bad.  Instead we saw W. C. Fields in "Poppy".Some liked it and some thought it was the cause of Mr. Fields' recent illness.

    Two horse-hikes have gone forth.  On Tuesday Billy Payne led out Charley’s tent for an over night stay. (Mr. Classen has learned from his medical studies that a mattress is required for the most efficient rest).The dragoons in question were Taylor Rodgers, Chauncey Hall, and Bobby Pickett.  Late Friday afternoon set our Donny Tag with his tent, to wit, the newly arrived Johnny Kinder, Vernon Root, and Joe Addison.  Both expeditions reported a great time.

    The Mohawks won again in a splendid ball game on Monday.  The Delawares who grasped the shorter end on that occasion allowed the low­ly Mohicans to feel that extremity of the stick on Friday.

    A group on Wednesday toured the better haunted houses of this vicinity.  Softies! They went in the day time.

    Because the water of the West Canada Creek has been so largely diverted to the needs of the Barge Canal we went on the Hinkley dam in­stead of our regular trip.  Mr. Dresser, Hammy and the Director took four boys, yea, five boys, Dean, Mike, Hunt, Billynn, Supe on a two day trip over the hithertoo unexplored waters of the lake in question.Setting out after dinner on Tuesday we explored the Trenton Chasm and did our swimming in the falls.  Early Wednesday we set out in canoes on the lake.  We went to its very upper end and part way up the Canada Creek.  Then we spent the night on an island when it rained half the night.  We were snug enough and set out bright and early for the starting place.  Then on to Prospect and so home.  It was a very interesting trip.  The three canvas canoes and an innovation in trail­er attachments worked very well.

    All interest centers on the forthcoming Hyde Bay variety show, the Hyde Baygaries.  It will be fully described in our next.  Mrs. Dresser has discovered talent which may yet rock the world, (perhaps to sleep.)

    Ambitious Hyde Bay racket-shovers entered the local tournament. Johnny Burwell won several times, Dave Ramsay got by the first round, while the others were put out by superlative players in the first round.
A very elaborate star boat race will come off on the lake this week.  We had a preview on Sunday when a large fleet went by the camp.
Our new diving tower and slide seem popular.  Made of angle iron there are three levels 4, 8, and 10, and a steep chute.

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