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Homeletter 1936 Vol. 9, No. 1

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Hyde Bay

HYDE BAY HOME LETTER           VOLUME NINE          NUMBER 1, 1936.

    The numeral NINE makes us feel aged as we start typing Number One of this bucolic journal.  There are one or two parents to whom this paper has been sent every issue since its foundation.   In some cases we have been honored by having a file kept of the various issues.

    Back with us this season are old campers:  Kemp Bartlett for August, and Billy Beardsley for the same season. Freddie Brune ar­rives this afternoon, his advance agent being a new outboard sent on ahead for his delectation.   It will be installed on the Hi Baby.  Our date of composition, by the way, is Monday.  We send out our paper with reports on Wednesday and you get them when and as Mr. James Farley dictates.  He is rumored to have other things on his mind. Jimmy Bryant is again on the scene, like all the others, a bit bigger.  John­ny Burwell will come in August all full of tennis lore. PrescottHuidekoper is expected almost hourly as he has sent three different dates of entry to as many different people.  Jimmy Johnstone will be here around July 18.  The melodious voice of Walter Lord is upraised in all his old haunts.  Billy Lynn, advanced to the laborious rank of U. L., may be seen any day shadow-boxing with work.  The Picketts ye have always with us.  Vernon Root, still growing with astonishing rap­idity, is on the job. Both of the renowned Supplees are citizens of this community again.  Albert Wampole is with us showing prowess in banging the feeble shoots of the Director all over the ball field. Hyde Clarke and Bobby Carton are in the water and on the field.  Tommy Cassillyreturns after a year away.

    The new boys number many promising recruits to our good cheer.  Joe Addison of Baltimore comes to gladden the heart of his councilor, Donny Tag. Under Billy Payne are Francis Barker, Kennedy Cromwell, and Ralph Thomas, who will be presently joined by Jimmy Johnstone.Hammy Welbourn will "keep in order" Henry Beers, Michael Thomas, Hunt Williams, and old boy-left-out-of-the-paragraph-above-by-criminal-   negligence-of-the-editor, Prentice Talmage.  Manly Jenkins is expected for August to live with Freddie Brune and Tommy Cassilly under the Sunshine Pickett aegis, where Jim Bryant also resides.  Chauncey Hall, Taylor Rogers, and Bobby Pickett are under Charley Classen in the next tent.  Then comes Vernon Root with Howard Bubert and the above ment­ioned Joe Addison.  Johnny Chittenden is expected soon to join Bobby Carton and Hyde Clarke in Walter Koppelman's tent.  Tom Hardie came on Saturday before camp started.  Bruce Matthai arrived the same Sat­urday, while George McAdams, our musician this year, came with the crowd on Wednesday.  Ted Higinbotham and Johnny Morris will soon be in from Buffalo while George Westerlind is awaited from Baltimore. Gordon Kinder broke all records by coming up to help open camp on June 15th.  He is in the Elder Statesmen tent under Jake Classen.

    We almost forgot to mention Dave Nes.  It is so long since he has been at Hyde Bay that his franchise had nearly expired. But here he is in the G. P. tent suffering from the proximity of Lord and Lynn, that famous team of noise-makers who are aided and abbetted by the presence of no less a person than the Great Leslie.  The aforementioned Exshaw blew in on us Friday to polish up his swimming preparatory to an imminent Atlantic crossing.   It is a great source of pleasure to have college men like, Les, Dave, and Walter, return to our humble sphere when all the world is spread out before them.

    If the editor has forgotten anyone else, (The camp list is not
compiled as yet.) the Forgotten Man is a fine chap whom we should have

    Billy Payne returns to ride forth as of yore after a year away from us.  He came fresh from Olympic Semi-finals in the four-forty hurdles in which event he did well but, fortunately for us, not as well as those who preceded him over the obstacles.  Otherwise the council is as of yesteryear excepting only Ed. Leedy and Johnny Gott. The lat­ter is singing before the crowned heads of Europe with the Yale Glee Club, while Ed seems to be in St. Paul,Minn.

    Hyde Bay has that Happy Faculty of —— (pretty bad!). Well they seem happy and are identical excepting Cooper Walker who has taken a trip around the globe to be replaced at Hyde Bay by Thomas Mc C. Mercer head of the department of English of Governor Dummer Academy, the very institution which nurtured Jack Young and in which Ed. Dunning taught when he taught here (and where he teaches now.)  The "new master” has already distinguished himself on all our fields.  James Leland Dresser has returned again to our fold.  Not only has he returned but he has brought with him a valued addition to our family in the person of Mrs. Dresser, who these two weeks agone was Miss Elizabeth Jenkins of a place near Philadelphia very hard to spell. They are living in the "Yellow House". The Russells are once more in their cottage, al­though Mr. Russell has not yet mowed the lawn. Messrs Marxian, Hartzell, and Pine are in their old quarters and up to their old tricks.

    Fielder is ill and can not come to us this year. We miss him   _ greatly as we know he misses us.  Prudence is in charge with Leonard to assist her.  Theodore is back on the job once more. Things run smoothly as of yore in this vital, (what a chance to say victual) department.

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