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Home Letter Pre-Camp No. 2, MAY, 1969

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VOLUME 43               May 1969                 Pre-Camp No. 2

FINAL INSTRUCTIONS: This is the last Homeletter before camp starts and is full of very important information. Please read carefully.

RETURN CARD: When you have read this letter, it is essential that you, return the Card at once. The information is vital to us. We shall have to phone you if the CARD is not here well before camp commences.

SUPERVISED TRAIN AND BUS TRIP: This is only at the beginning and end of camp; there is Supervised trip at the halfway point in camp. Boys coming at any other time, including the second half, will need to arrange their own transportation. The supervised train group will leave from Washington, D.C. on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1969 at the below times:
    Leave Washington Train #17O(The Colonial) at 7:00 a.m.(EDT)
    Leave Baltimore         “       “         at 7:45 a.m.(EDT-)
    Leave Philadelphia “-“                    at 9:15 a.m.(EDT)
    Arrive New York Penn. Station             at 10:55 a.m.(EDT)
The means of transportation from New York to Hyde Bay will be decided upon as soon as we know the number of boys coming up from all the southern points, and we will send out subsequent information to those concerned. Transportation from New York to Hyde Bay will be provided.
Please be at the designated place of departure at least one-half hour before the scheduled departure.

TICKETS: From the South, buy R.R. Tickets (round trip, if desired) to N.Y, City on the Penn. R.R. Bus fare will be taken care of by us and charged to the boy on his incidental account.

BAGGAGE: All baggage of boys coming by train and/or bus must be expressed by Railway Express to Cooperstown, N.Y. Trunks must be sent at least two weeks or more in advance to insure it being there at camp when your son arrives, Railway Express service, at best, is very slow and inefficient.

MEALS: The train group will be properly supervised and provided for at the noon meal. Boys leaving from N.Y. should eat lunch before boarding the bus. Boys coming by car may have lunch as well as supper at camp, if their arrival is so designated on the CARD. The camp noon meal is served at 1:15 p.m. Supper is served at 6:30 p.m.

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AUTO: From the West, leave the N.Y. Thruway at Herkimer. Go through Mohawk over the hill to Route #20. Left on #20 to East Springfield. Right on East Lake Road to Hyde Bay Camp.
From the South and East, leave the N.Y. Thruway at the Northway Exit to Route #20. At #20, turn right to East Springfield and then left on East Lake Road to Hyde Bay Camp.

OVERNIGHT: We suggest making reservations early for overnight at one of the following: Rathbun Cottages next door to us, Cooper Inn, Miss Cooke’s, Deer Run Motel, or the Lakefront Motel. We will gladly help you, if desired.

LIST OF EQUIPMENT: Please use the trunk list enclosed.. The required equipment is a must(sleeping bag, 2-quart canteen, a poncho about 65” x 78”, and a foot locker.)

HEALTH BLANKS: Parents of old boys will please make new changes and return the enclosed
blanks. Parents of new boys will please fill out and return. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. The Health Record goes to the Hospital with the boy, should he require attention there. Obviously, all data on the Record is vital to us and to the Hospital for proper care.

EXPOSURE: If any boy has been exposed to an infectious disease, he should delay coming to camp until the end of the proper period. He will not be charged for the days missed. We appreciate your cooperation.

TETANUS: Either the Booster or the Toxoid - a MOST NECESSARY PRECAUTION!

INSURANCE: Blanks for our camp insurance are enclosed. The company has proved to be satisfactory in the past. All camper’s should be covered by some sort of insurance.

WORK PAPERS: Boys who are to be ULs must send us, or bring with them, work papers. Blanks are enclosed in the pertinent cases. No boy can start work without his work papers. Boys living in N.Y. State may have their physicals done at home; all others must be done here in Cooperstown. On all papers, parents must fill in and sign; with Witness, Part One.

You can get quick service from the name tape application enclosed, if necessary. Mark everything: good clothes, shoes, poncho, etc. Iron-on and laundry pens will not last the summer. Good marking saves clothes.

STICKERS: The enclosed stickers on all baggage will be of great help to all concerned. Lost trunks have thus been identified in the past.

SPENDING MONEY: None is necessary. Everything may be charged.

BILLS: You will get camp fee bills soon after the season opens. They will cover the full tuition; full time boys may pay half at this billing, if so desired. Bills for incidentals will follow the close of camp.

COOPERATION: A reminder that long hair and poor grooming do not belong in Hyde Bay. We expect full cooperation from both boys and parents.

ENCLOSURES:(l) THE CARD     (3) Insurance Blank  (5) Camp Stickers
(2) Health Blank (4) Equipment List   (6) Name Tape applications
(7) Work Papers (where needed)

DATES: Camp opens--Saturday, June 28.   Final Barbeque-— Friday, August 22
       Halfway----—Saturday, JuIy 26    Camp Closes----- Saturday, August 23

ADDRESSES: All mail and parcel post to Cooperstown, N.Y. Special Delivery is of no value. We do not have the service to camp.
      Telephone----- Cooperstown, N.Y. Code 607 547—9492
      Telegrams----- Cooperstown, N.Y. (not 24-hour service)
      Express------- Cooperstown, N.Y.
            SEE YOU AT CAMP

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