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Home Letter Volume 41, No. 5, July 30, 1967

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VOLUME 41             July 30, 1967                   No. 5

BASEBALL DAY: Overcast and a generally threatening type day with a mild thunderstorm in the late afternoon. Much of the day was spent preparing for and attending the Baseball Hall of Fame game between Baltimore of the American League and Cincinnati of the National League. Baltimore won the game 3—0 even though the game was called at the end of eight and one half innings because of rain. About seventy campers made the trip under the guidance of many councilors. We shuttled them back and forth with the various camp vehicles and all were back in camp for a quick swim before supper. Thunder showers plagued us throughout the evening but they did not dampen the spirits of the campers and many activities went on after supper.

TUESDAY: Clearing and warmer in the morning and more of the same in the afternoon. Due to the unsettled weather we sent out three Farmer’s Museum trips. The rest of the camp spent the day participating in all the camp activities except for tennis which has suffered the most from the wet weather. Some boys resumed the dam building on the stream by the Russellorum and baseball practice was held for the thirteen-and-under as well as for the thirteen-and—over teams. After the supper meal the campers enjoyed a game of box soccer and stickball.

WEDNESDAY: Cloudy, overcast with a cool breeze. The third Trenton Falls trip went out under the supervision of John Mercer, Larry Pickett, Jeff Levi, Josh Shoemaker, Jolly Schmick, and with campers Phil Rudd, Dyche Kinder, Tom Kinder, Andy Andrews, Peter Spragins, Peter Andrews, and Cullen Dwyer. After milk and cookies we took a group of ULs to Beaver Valley where work was continued on developing the area for camping trips. John Diamond brought another group along and explored the property, collecting items for the Nature Nook. These trips have become very popular and will continue throughout the remainder of the camp season. The ULs enjoy their work and frequently volunteer for the project. Mike Whedbee took a riding trip accompanied by Sam Spragins, Mike Dern, and Stewart Wise. In the evening all attended the movie in the theater, “Lafayette” starring Jack Hawkins.

THURSDAY: Breezy and clear all day. Sailfish and Comets were kept busy as were all in—camp activities. The thirteen-and-under baseball team had a long practice in the morning in preparation for their game with Chenango. The practice proved not enough to overcome a 5—1 defeat at the hands of our neighbors. A repeat of the Beaver Valley work and nature expedition with different groups of boys went out after milk and cookies. They were joined later on in the afternoon by a group who came for an overnight stay. This trip was led by Mike Whedbee, George Radcliffe, and Peter Black. It included campers Rick Holt, Hutch Kirwin, David Patrick, Steve Mason, Willie Franzheim, Greg Canham, and Dick Evans. Senior Life Saving classes were held during the day and the course should be concluded by the end of next week when we will commence the second group of Junior Life Savers. Counting the Trenton Falls trip a total of forty one boys were on the ground for the night.

FRIDAY: Rain - steady drizzle, clearing late in the evening. The miserable

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weather forced us all to stay pretty much inside. The Russellorum and Handicraft Lodge were in constant use and we ran the first Shuffleboard Tournament of the year in the camper lodge. Chris West organized the tournement and Jamie Hills emerged the winner. Every boy in camp participated in the contest at some time during the day. Trenton Falls returned in the late afternoon having had a good trip except for a bit of rain on the last morning. After supper the ULs took off for their weekly trip to town and then on to bowling. The clearing weather in the evening afforded an opportunity to have the usual after—supper games, swims, and rides in teh “45.”

SATURDAY: Cloudy, warm, with some overcast. Immediately after Inspection some thirty one campers signed up to enter the annual Hyde Bay Nature Hunt. There was a great deal of furious activity gathering specimens for the various exhibits which were judged in the latter part of the afternoon. The winners were: First Place - Jamie Hills, Peter Spragins, Scott Supplee, George Fulton. Second Place - Paul Pickett, Jonathan Clapp, Andy Evans, Alan Lintel, Gordy Boone, and Tommy Grace. Another group of ULs went to Beaver Valley to do more clearing and the rest of the ULs remained in camp to dig ditches for drainage of the tremendous amounts of rain that we have had during the week in an attempt to dry out the tennis courts. Their efforts were successful and the courts should he ready to be played upon in the next day or so. The rest of the camp managed to keep busy, primarily on the waterfront. Since there were no tent plays scheduled for this week the Baseball Hall of Fame generously loaned us three fine films on baseball, including the 1955 Series.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, hazy, humid - some sun coming through the clouds at times. Trunk inspection was the order of the day in the morning with our church service at 10:00 a.m. led by Hunt Hilliard. His interesting talk was on the subject of the need to remember loving kindness and understanding in our relationships with others because we are all children of God. Since the weather was warm we substituted a “soap dip” for the hot showers. After dinner all were urged to participate in waterfront activities including water skiing and aquaplaning. The Inspection winners, Tents #53B and 12 went into town for their weekly reward trip. The afternoon activities were followed by the outdoor supper and Sunday night movies.

Tent plays for this Saturday come from rents #10, 12, 14, and 15.
The plays for August 12 will be given by Tents #16, 17, 16, and M.C.
Tent #63A will also contribute efforts on August 5.

CARDS: It is most important that you return the enclosed card in the very near future. The headings on it are self—explanatory; kindly fill in.

FINAL BARBEQUE: We again repeat our invitation for the Chicken Barbeque on Saturday, August 19. We reluctantly must limit it, however, to parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents of campers. In view of the frequent cool nights, we stron1y advise bringing warm clothes and coats. The ceremonies will take place outdoors and last about two hours, and the evening gets chillier as it progresses. A flashlight is also a tremendous help in getting back to your car. The dress is informal — wear what you are comfortable in for sitting, outside.

TRAVEL PLANS: We will have a supervised bus and train group from Cooperstown to N.Y. and then southward; We must know how many will be going in this way in order to make various arrangements. The bus will leave here early on Sunday morning, August 20; the times will be given in the next Homeletter.

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