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Home Letter Volume 40, No. 2, July 18, 1966

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VOLUME 40             July 18, 1966                   No. 2

FOURTH OF JULY: The day began very quietly on a cloudy and rainy morning. It was windy and warmer in the afternoon. Non—swimmer classes continued after inspection along with all other activities. The interest in golf has increased to the point where we are able to send three boys in the morning and three in the afternoon to the nine—hole golf course across the lake. The nature department menagerie was increased by two baby coons which brings the total number to three of this variety. In the evening after supper we had our usual after—dinner games to bide bide the time until it became dark enough for a few fireworks the boys had brought from home. Since the State has outlawed the selling of sparklers we were unable to have these this year. However, everyone seemed content to watch what we had and to indulge in roasted marshmallows up to their respective bed times.

TUESDAY: Warm, sunny, and very calm. Immediately after breakfast we loaded the canoes on our trailer and with Mr. Hilliard, George Radcliffe, and Dave Gotshall at the helm, the first Up—the-Lake trip left camp. Some of those making the trip were Mike Prowda, Tim Bennett, Bert Lintel, Arthur Levering, and Bill Lynn. Simultaneously, we sent our fiberglass canoes on a Down—the—Lake voyage. This was led by John Mercer, John Spragins, Jim Stone, and Pete Mehl. Mike Fish, Price Koch, Page West, Mike Hilliard, and Ken Earll were among those on this expedition. They were to meet at Three Mile Point for lunch and then proceed on to the remainder of their trip. The Down—the—Lake trip has sufficient time to visit Natty Bumppo’s Cave. Taking advantage of the good weather we sent out our first overnight trip to Nebo. Tom Kemp, Rusty Pickett, Jim Stone, and Chooch Turner led the group out shortly before supper time. Among those joining the councilors were Andy Beise, Billy Ewing, Dave Pierce, Shep Griswold, and Billy Dube.

WEDNESDAY: Cloudy, warm with a slight breeze. There seemed to be enough wind to get the sail boats into action. This, of course, made the sailing department very happy. The wrestling room was quite active in the morning as was the riding ring. Junior Life Savers continued with their classes. All activities were stepped up once all the trips returned and everyone was back in camp once more. This is also the day that all the soiled laundry is gathered up, labeled, and prepared to go out to be washed. After the evening store all campers assembled in the theater for the feature film, “Man in the Moon.” It proved to be quite amusing.

THURSDAY: The morning started out with a pleasant cool breeze but contained some moisture or precipitation or just plain rain. This prompted us to send our first museum trip. We chose the ever popular Farmer’s Museum. The trip was led by Scott Carlton and Chris West and included campers Larry Jerome, Mike Dern, Tom Kinder, and Gus Fryer. At 10:30 a.m. a first in the history of our sailing department — four Comets and two Sailfish were in action in the water. By 11:00 two were back in for minor repairs and everything was back to normal. Three more boys went to the golf course with Mike Brough. Jonn Mercer, Todd Mulvenny, Tim Pitts, and George Radcliffe took a group of seventeen campers and ULs to Nebo. Marty Bladen, Marshall Calder, Corey Cooper, Dieter Snell, and Gomez Canham accompanied them up the hill.

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After supper we had a large group in swimming under the light of a new 500-watt floodlight purchased the previous day.

FRIDAY: Cool, overcast, with an increasing wind. Very fine sailing weather. Another Susquehanna (one of our youngest campers called it the “Squashanna”) left under the leadership of Scotty Carlton, Mike McClelland, and Peter Black. They took with them Chip Smith, Rusty Vadersen, Bruce Danzer, and Bruce Rice among others. Five boys led by George Radcliffe elected to walk back from their overnight trip to Nebo. They had to finally be picked up a couple of miles from camp after a very hard thunder shoer. In the afternoon a small group went on a nature hike. This was led by Line Fasch, Peter Wilkins, and UL Dick Raymond. Ted Woodward went along and caught an eight-inch salamander. All but four of the ULs elected to remain in camp instead of going on their usual sojourn to town. The rest of the camp enjoyed a game of stickball.

SATURDAY: Cool and clear. Warm enough for plenty of swimming. In fact, we have not had a single day that has not been ideal for swimming. After the Susquehanna trip had returned we began the annual Hyde Bay Hot Rock contest. A number of rocks with various words painted on them are hidden about camp where rocks are not normally found. The boys then begin to search for them. Each rook has a certain value and many, many rewards are distributed. As interest declined during the course of the day we turned to the waterfront for a cooling off period. There were also goodly number of boys participating in water skiing. After some short after—dinner games, we all gathered in the theater for the first set of Off-Broadway Productions. Play programs are inc1uded for those parents whose sons participated in the plays. The best actress awards went to Peter Callahan With honorable mention to Duncan Kinder. The best actor was Tom Fisher with honorable mention to Andy Wheeler. A carton of Hershey bars for best play of the evening went to Tent #63A. This was a most entertaining group of tent plays and congratulations to Producers *Josh Shoemaker and John Scmick.
Next week’s plays will be: Tents # 7, 8, 6, and 53B.

SUNDAY: We awoke early to a wild thunder shower. As soon as al tents were secured, the rain stopped in time for breakfast. The usual Sunday routine of trunk inspection, tent inspecction, showers, and our church services
wwent off on schedule. Dick Carlton conducted the worship service with a very interesting talk on responsibilities that we all have to ourselves, to others, and how each category overlapped the other. Our turkey dinner was followed by rest period and letter-to-parents writing. After rest period we had a swimming meet between two of our intramural teams. The Amalgamated Merkins defeated the Flaming Badwangies, 21—15. Two other teams were cancelled because of threatening skys which proved to be a false alarm. After the outdoor supper of hot dogs and chocolate milk, potato chips, pickles, and apples, the Inspection winners, Tents l2 and 53B, went to town for a treat and to mail the letters. We have inaugurated a new Sunday night movie program: two episodes of a thriller serial plus several cartoons and shorts. The attendance at the theater has increased substantially since the innovation.

SUPPLEMENT: to the enclosed Council resume...

Mr. James Dresser - bead of the math department at Gilman School in Baltimore. He has been on our tutoring staff for thirty four years. He lives, with his wife and family, across the lake high atop a hill overlooking the water and is handling the math tutoring at camp.

Mrs. David Cornelia - from Cooperstown. This is Mrs. Cornelia’s first year at Hyde Bay and is doing our English tutoring.

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