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Home Letter Volume 38, No. 5, July 27, 1964

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VOLUME 38             July 27, 1964                   No. 5

MONDAY: Overcast but warm. Tom Bonorden, Tom Carter, Dave Clinnin, and Charlie Fisher all passed their “A” swimming test. The 12-and—under baseball team entertained Camp Chenango in the morning with a softball game. They were victorious by a score of 30-0. Matt Brook had 6 hits, Bobby Tucker had 2 home runs, a two-bagger, and a single and was only a pinch hitter!! John Clinnin pitched shutout ball. The first Trenton Falls of the season departed with 15 boys along with Hunt Hilliard, Lawry Pickett, Frank Pine, John Mercer, Bill Bergstrom, and Randy Burwell. This is a trip especially for those boys who have passed their Junior Life Saving, are 12 years or older, and are in camp the full summer. It is a three day trip into the Adirondack Mountains. They carry 6 canoes and spend a leisurely trip swimming, paddling, and hiking. All look forward to growing up to this trip - the longest one we have. There was a lot of activity with the Sailfish. Tents # 4 and 10 went to the Willows for a hot dog supper and bacon and eggs breakfast, after a relaxed arisal.
TUESDAY: Hot and humid with an afternoon thunder shower. About 9:45 a first around-the-lake departed with Alton Davison, Dave Wilber, and McKee Lundberg in charge. They started from camp, paddled across the bay to the northern end of the lake. Some time was spent there swimming and relaxing after which they proceded down the west side of the lake to Three—Mile—Point where they had lunch, having bucked a head wind most of the way. After lunch they continued to the Cooperstown end of the lake and on to Fairy Springs - a town landing. They spent the night on a plot of ground set aside for Boy Scouts who have generously offered it for our use. Bright and early in the morning the Hyde Bayers climbed to Natty Bumppo’s Cave and then returned to camp in time for lunch, following the east side of the lake. If time and weather permit, we will have other similar trips - it was very well received. In the afternoon, the 12-and-over baseball team traveled to Chenango for their hardball game. We emerged on top once more, 12-3. John Briggs started things off with a home run his first time at bat. We had a total of about 100 men on base. We will endeavor to find better competition for our teams in the future. Spectators were also included in this trip to Chenango. The youngest group went via the Hacker. Intramurals took over after supper.
WEDNESDAY: Hazy but fair; a storm late in the afternoon - just enough to lay the dust. Immediately after breakfast our tennis team drove to the Cooperstown Country Club where they won a fine match 8-2. The team was composed of John Clinnin, Pope Brock, Randy Ewell, Blake Goldsmith, John Schmick, Jamie Flowers, and Perry Winston. At 10:00 a.m. the 12-and-under baseball team traveled to Chenango. The score was in our favor, 12-9, although somewhat closer than previously. Peter Briggs hit a home run in the early part of the game, and John Bliss made a saving catch during one of the latter innings. A beginner’s class in water skiing was held in the afternoon. After supper the councilors took on the UL All—Star Touch Football team and came out on the long end, 24-0. Our movie for this week was “The Last Voyage” - a very moving and stirring picture.
THURSDAY: Clear and warm. The morning was spent in finishing up competition in the three activities that we awarded trophies in for the first month boys. The awards were presented at our noon meal: Peter VanDerGrinten-Senior Water

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Skiing; John Prior—Junlor Water Skiing; Dave Clinnin-Senior Archer; Jon Sager-Junior Archery (Jon had the highest point score in the overall tournament); Roger Anderson-Crafts. The swimming certificates, Junior Life Saving and Motor Boat Safety certificates were also presented. About 5:00 p.m. Operation Nebo left from the main campus under the leadership of Chuck Pierce, Tom Mercer, Walter Rogers, Jamie Flowers, and many ULs including Frank Fenwick and Josh Shoemaker along With 18 campers. At the same time, a Willows trip set sail with the inhabitants of Tents # 12 and 15.
CHANGEOVER DAY: Cloudy and cool with rain in the afternoon. The changeover was accomplished with a minimal amount of confusion in spite of the temporary inclement weather. With the large group at Nebo and the Willows, we concentrated on the boys arriving and departing. All of our activities continued and the new boys fell into place just as though they had been here all summer. By nightfall all but a few had arrived and were settled in their tent.
SATURDAY: Calm, mild, and overcast. A good many swimming tests were accomplished in the morning and the newcomers became more familiar with the various forms of camp life. At breakfast time we learned that the nature department had lured a raccoon into a trash can. A cage was quickly assembled and we are now able to observe the activities of a somewhat dubious coon. A contest has already begun to determine a name for Lady Coon. The best to date is submitted by Mr. Davison — Rosemary Cooney. We will hope for other appropriate ones. Win Davis surprised us with a newly caught baby mouse from the stables. In another beginner’s ski class, Winston Wood, Bobby Tucker, and Brax Andrews soloed. After supper a soap swim was substituted for the hot showers since the heater had become rather ill and was not functioning properly. This soap dip is a custom that many of you alumni will well remember before we became so civilized. In place of tent plays we had a film, “Cheaper by the Dozen” - always a pleasure to watch.
SUNDAY: Our Day Man’s report reads 11:00 a.m. -hazy, warm, moist, light breeze. 5:50 p. m. -light drizzle, very foggy 6:10 p.m. heavy rain, 7:00 p.m. -very calm, foggy across the lake, warm and moist. After a brief cleaning up and inspection period, Mr. Carlton led us in the church service. He talked on happiness  - it being a state of mind as well as a state of physical well being, and that we must all use what talents we are endowed with and not envy those around us who possess more or different talents - a fine talk with many good thoughts. More soap swims followed so all were well cleansed by dinner time. In the afternoon we had one of our greased watermelon battles in the water. The victorious tents were # 63A, 2, 7, 53B, 10, and 3. Meanwhile up on the ball field, the councilors defeated the UL’s in softball. It must have been a large score - it was not recorded!! The outdoor supper was slightly dampened by the rain, but this is an activity which is not delayed because of rain! The winning Inspection tents were 63B and 9 with the addition of Greg Daily, Robbie Gerlach, and Peter Andrews (they had received perfect scores for the week) — went to Cooperstown with the Sunday letters. The educational movies closed the day for the camp.
AN EARLY REMINDER: that our final Barbeque festivities take place on Thursday, August 20 at about 6:00 p.m. It would be wise for you to make or for you to ask us to make reservations for you as soon as your plans are definite. (Rathbun’s, next door, is completely filled - no vacancies.) In your plans, we might mention that you way take your sons with you on Thursday night after the bonfire, which should be about 10.00 p.m., if you so wish. Most of the boys wall be going on Friday, August 21 shortly after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. The awards for the various wind-up events and other trophies are all given at the bonfire after the Barbeque and we would hope that none of you will wish to take your sons with you until after the program. More data will come in the subsequent Homeletters. Please do not leave your reservations until the last minute - you may end up without one.
BILLS: are enclosed. Tutoring is on an estimated basis. Final adjustment will be made on the incidental bill sent out after the close of camp.
VISITORS: Doug Coupe appeared under the guise of a scout for the upcoming Hall of Fame Game. We always enjoy his company.

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