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Home Letter Volume 38, No. 3, July 13, 1964

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VOLUME 38             July 13, 1964                   No. 3

MONDAY: We started the week off with a very beautiful camp day. The morning was occupied with Junior Life Saving classes, water skiing, and all general camp activities. Shortly before milk and cookies at 11:00 a.m. we inaugurated our dual Natty Bumpo Cave trip. Thirty two made the seven mile hike to this historic cave high above Cooperstown and then were returned home by way of the Hacker over the water, having had their lunch on top of the cave. In the afternoon one of the largest Lookout trips departed under the direction of McKee Lundberg, Bill Bergstrom, John McCay, Steve Cunningham, and Dave Wilber. Another contribution to the “Natchur Nook” was made by Bob Peggs with a red-be1lied snake addition and a garter snake. These were found on the trail down from Lookout.
TUESDAY: Another fine day. The calm waters enabled us to send out the first Up-the-Lake trip under the command of Alton Davison. This trip is started at the foot of the Lake in canoes and the group travels the entire west side of the Lake, eventually ending up at camp shortly before supper. Twenty boys made the trip and all seemed to enjoy it. The first canoe in was skippered by Mike McClelland. During the day all activities went on and Randy Ryan caught one of the largest crayfish we have ever seen around this area. It is now reposing in our terrarium. At 5:00 p.m. our two youngest tents with Daryl Young, John Briggs, and Jamie Flowers left by canoe and rowboat for an overnight supper and breakfast trip to the Willows - a nearby point of land just out of sight of camp. Two of these young overnighters saw to it that their companions were aroused the next morning by beating a paddle: on a canoe to simulate the rising horn. Roger Helms and Mike Dern were the reveile campers at 6:30 a.m.!!
WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy with a threat of rain in the afternoon. However, the threat did not materialize and a good bit of sailing was done in both the Comets and Sailfish. Dick Evans established — to date — the record fish catch with a 15 1/2 inch pickerel and Tom Ratcliff closely followed with another good sized l4—incher. Such success breeds enthusiasm and several other boys were infected with the fishpole fever. No other catches were reported, however. Peter McManus took a riding trip out with Chuck Dell, Tom Carter, and Jim Stone. Wednesday is laundry day which means changing bed linen, collecting soiled laundry, and receiving clean clothes. The first exchange went off without a snag. This is done by a professional laundry from Ilion, N.Y. and is sorted in the separate tent groups. The movie for the evening was Walt Disney’s “Johnny Tremaine.”
THURSDAY: Warm, slightly cloudy and breezy. Another first was realized by six stalwarts going in swimming before breakfast. The hardy ones included Billy Reid and Jeff Cole. At noontime some fossil hunters set out by auto to a gorge five miles from camp, taking their lunch with them. They returned on foot with many good specimans of ancient animal and plant life. They were led by our two nature councilors, Scott Carlton and Frank Pine. During the search Ray Athey spotted something partially hidden under a rock and after further investigation discovered a dead red fox. The N.Y. State
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Boating Course given to boys ten to fifteen years old was opened under the tutelage of Dick Carton. At the end of eight sessions and on passing a written exam, the boys receive a license to drive boats with an outboard motor. There are thirty two boys enrolled in the course. We are also pleased to tell you that Bill Thomas and John Spragins passed their Double-A swimming test which involves a swim non—stop across to Clark’s Point and back again.
FRIDAY: Clear, warm and calm. A total of fifteen made the dock for another before-breakfast swim and included newcomers Buck Stissel and David Pickett. Morning activities included Junior Life Saving and an instruction period for wrestling. At 5:00 p.m. the first Nebo trip departed under the leadership of McKee Lundberg, Glenn Moulton, and Scott Carton. Nebo is a mountain top of approximately forty acres seven miles from camp that we own. The boys are taken to the foot of the mountain by oar and then walk up to the top where we have a lean-to and a tent erected for rain shelters. It is one of our most popular camp sites. In the evening the ULs made their weekly trip to town and bowling. Peter Black was the high single game scorer with 173.
SATURDAY: Clear and warm. The Nebo trip returned minus five boys and Scott Carlton who elected to walk back to camp rather than return by car. They were misdirected by a local farmer regarding a short cut to camp and the detour amounted to an additional seven miles more which did not seem to affect John Northrup, Charlie Fisher, Dave Clinnin, Tom Ratcliff, or Dick Raymond in an way except for being ravenously hungry when they returned in time for lunch. Most everyone was busy in the afternoon with an all camp swimming meet involving the four intramural teams. The Beautawfuls and Rubies were the victorious teams. The second set of tent plays was put on in the evening. Two special awards were presented: one to Randy Ryan for his unusually realistic interpretation of a crying infant and the other to John Diamond for the “Ham of the Evening” award- a thin slice of ham. The best actress was Rick Evans for impersonating Mrs. Burton. Bobbie Gerlach was voted the outstanding actor. The judges felt that Tent # 2 produced the best play — “The Quality of Mercer is not Stained.”
The in-between-acts entertainment was provided by Fred Gale, John Briggs, Nick King,and Dave Wilber.
SUNDAY: Hazy in the morning; moderate breeze and warm in the afternoon with a sudden thunder shower after supper. Our usual Sunday morning inspection of trunks, tents, boys, and finger nails involved most of the morning. At 10:00 Dick Carlton led the church service, giving a very fine talk on rendering unto God and others - how we can achieve this in a camp environment as well as at home or school. Henry, our chef who has been with us for twelve years gave us another delicious fried chicken dinner. John and Alien helped clean up all the debris afterwards - they are starting their fourth year with us in the kitchen. The afternoon was devoted to a series of waterfront games. The youngest tents were paired off in a water baseball game in which plastic ball and bats were used in water about a foot deep. The rest of the camp competed in a modified water polo contest, at the end of which the mighty ULs dethroned the council as champions of the Tug-of-War. With a strategy using Bill Holmes as anchor man, the UL were certain of victory. After the outdoor supper, Tents # 6 and 7 were driven to town as a reward for the neatest tents of the week while the remainder of the camp watched Sunday night movies.
VISITORS: We enjoyed the visits of Mac Mellor and Ron Jones both former councilors. Mac is in graduate school at Princeton and Ron is city recreation director in the city of Oneida, N.Y.
A REMINDER: The halfway mark is fast approaching. This means that we need to have the full information from all incoming and outgoing boys concerning their arrivals and departures.
       First month boys: kindly return the enclosed Cards as soon as possible with the pertinent information. We have been advised via the boy that in some oases he will be remaining for the second half. We will so indicate on the respective reports — to be confirmed by the parents in the very near future. This is vital since we have no vacancies at this writing.
       Second month boys: We still have a few arrival cards outstanding that we have not yet received. We would appreciate your sending them at once so we can arrange things properly. The important date is Friday, July 24. Dinner is at 1:30 and supper is at 6:15. It will facilitate us greatly if your arrival is either before or after these times, preferably during the afternoon.

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