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Home Letter Volume 37, No. 2, July 15, 1963

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VOLUME 37                 July 15, 1963                 No. 2

MONDAY: Windy and partly cloudy was the weather this day. The wind, however, provided some good sailing weather; so, the sailboats and Sailfish had a fine workout. A riding trip went out under the guidance of Bob Rockwell, Peter Kinder, and Ricky Reese. After lunch, Chuck Pierce and Bruce Northrup took a golf expedition across the lake. The entire afternoon was involved with trips of various and sundry kinds: Bob Pine led a group up Strawberry Mountain in back of camp, a trip to the Baseball Museum and the Farmer's Museum occupied a goodly number of campers, and two Hacker trips to the Woodland Museum rounded out the day. The usual in-camp activities were all in session all day, also.

TUESDAY: This day was somewhat of a continuation of the preceding one: cool and overcast. A Susquehanna trip sallied forth with Doug Coupe, Alton Davison, and Ron Jones at the helm. Walt Rogers and Tom Mercer switched from their sailing responsibilities to take a hike to Lookout. This was just an afternoon trip instead of the overnight one. The sailing was not too good except for the Sailfish, which do not require too much wind. Late in the afternoon, Eric Murray, Lawry Pickett, and Charlie Tracy took charge of a large number of campers off to Nebo for the night.

MOVIE DAY: and ice cream day!! Cloudy, cool, and very little wind In the morning, but things warmed up sufficiently for everyone to take a swim in the afternoon. Once again, the sailboats were land-locked, but the Sailfish were out a good bit. Archery, with Lawry Pickett as an able instructor, had its usual busy day. Handicraft and the wrestling room, likewise, had many customers. The movie for the evening was the color film "Gun Glory" with Stewart Granger and was enjoyed by all.

THURSDAY: The day man reports that the weather was fair with cloudy skies, but definitely warmer. The sailboats were once more in action. Susquehanna trip #5 set out with Ron Jones, Bob Pine, and Charlie Tracy in charge of fifteen boys. With the influx of warmer weather, the swimming area picked up in popularity. The twelve-and-under Softball team met with a similar team from our neighbors at Chenango Camp down the lake. Unfortunately, we came out on the short end of the score in what turned out to be a double header. John Mercer, JohnDiamond, and Bill Bergstrom took twenty-two boys to Nebo. This was a unique trip in that two tents had their play rehearsal on top of old Nebo.

FRIDAY: We awoke to an ideal camp day, weatherwlse--hot, sunny, and a good day for swimming. Much of the day was taken up by water-skiing and waterfront activity. The second half of a double-header Susquehanna trip went out under the leadership of Perry Winston, ably assisted by Eric Murray and Todd Mulvenny. Water-skiing classes were given both in the morning and afternoon by Bob Cunningham. After supper, the weekly trip to town and bowling for UL's set forth and a good time was had by all.

SATURDAY: "Clear, with haze on the horizon. Beautiful day for sailing, swimming, and the baseball game with Chenango. Temperature in the high seventies with a medium breeze." So states the day-man report in very accurate phrases. In the morning, we had our first of a series of sailing races to determine who would sail against Camp Chenango in future days. The afternoon was primarily involved with a twelve-and-over baseball game at Chenango. At the end of the game, we had a 6-4 edge over our opponents. We also had several groups of parents stop in to visit with their sons and some stayed on for the evening plays. John Mercer, John Diamond, and UL Josh Shoemaker produced another very entertaining set of plays. The best play was given by Tent #2 with Walt Rogers as their councilor. The award for the best actor went to Brax Andrews; the best actress was Rusty Walker. The plays for next week will be from our youngest group of campers in Tents #53A, #8, #7, and #6. Curtain time is 8:30 p.m.

SUNDAY: It was a warm and sunny morning, but the afternoon brought squalls, wind, and changing weather. The usual Sunday of hot showers, trunk inspection, and general campus clean-up started the day's activities. George Chandlee, our trip coordinator this year, gave a very fine talk in our church service on the subject of not fearing to attempt something and repeating the attempt if success is not first met with. Following our Sunday morning duties Chuck Pierce took a large group to Sunken Islands where lots of under water exploring took place. An intra-camp baseball game took up a good bit of the afternoon as did swimming. Many parents again visited in camp--we were glad to have good weather for them. The outdoor supper was followed by two excellent films on the Space program, describing Shepard's and Glenn's flight into orbit.

STATISTICS: You might be interested to know that we have counted a total of 89 "camper-body" nights on the ground this past week. This number have been out on overnight trips of one sort or another--a rather busy week of trips. We have scheduled as many this coming week; although, as always, we are at the mercy of the elements.

A REMINDER: The halfway mark is fast approaching. This means that we need to have the full information from all incoming and outgoing boys concerning their arrivals and departures.
           First Month boys: kindly return the enclosed Cards, as soon as possible with the pertinent information. We have been advised via the boy that in some cases he will be remaining for the second half.. We will so indicate on the respective reports--to be confirmed by the parents in the very near future. This is vital since we have no vacancies at this writing.
           Second month boys: we still have a few arrival cards outstanding that we have not yet received. We would appreciate your sending them at once, so we can arrange things properly. The important date is Friday. July 26. Dinner is at 1:30 and supper is at 6:15. It will facilitate us greatly if your arrival is either before or after these times, preferably during the afternoon.

ECLIPSE: This very spectacular event will be taking place this Saturday. We are anticipating about an 89% totality, covering a period of roughly from 4:41 p.m. to 6:49 p.m. with the sun 89% covered about 5:48 p.m. We have been in touch with two ophthalmologists who have advised us, as have all the recent published articles, on the various methods of protecting the eyes. Several of the campers have made their own viewing boxes. We are now planning to use the suggested method of either the boxes or two sheets of cardboard--one with a hole in it to carry the projection of the sun onto the second sheet. Our T.V. channel is in doubt right at the moment as to whether they will be carrying it. All our backs will be to the sun and We assure you that we will take all necessary precautions to avoid exposure to the injurious rays.

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