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Home Letter Volume 36, No. 6, August 6, 1962

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Hyde Bay Home Letter

VOLUME 36                 August 6, 1962                 No. 6

MONDAY: Hot and humid, becoming cloudy in the afternoon. The weather seemed clear enough to send out the second Trenton Falls trip under the leadership of Dick Carlton, assisted by Doug Coupe and Perry Winston. About noon we received a call from this same trip informing us that Dick had cut his foot while swimming in West Canada Creek. He had already had a few sutures put into the foot by a local doctor, but we felt it necessary to drive to their first night camping spot and bring him back to camp. Hunt Hllliard replaced Dick as chief of the trip. A mystery hike was led by Bob Pine. This turned out to be a hike to some nearby mounds that are believed to be Indian mounds. All had fun digging but to no avail so far as tangible proof was concerned. Our sailboats were kept busy most of the day. Shortly before supper Jock McQuilkin, Tom Mercer, Walt Rogers, and Archie Coupe headed out for Lookout with twenty campers. In the evening, a few showers appeared but not enough to bring our trips home.

THE LAST DAY OF JULY: Overcast in the morning, clearing in the afternoon. Due to a violent rain shower in the early morning hours at their camping spot, our Trenton Falls trip was forced to return to camp - all members of the group being completely drenched. The Lookout trip returned in the morning reporting only small amounts of moisture. The weather cleared sufficiently to permit a great deal of sailing as well as some riding trips and swimming. Since we wished to send the Trenton Falls trip out on Wednesday to finish up their trip, we moved the usual Wednesday night movie to this evening. We saw a lively musical comedy entitled, "Texas Carnival."

THE FIRST DAY OF AUGUST: A continuation of the Trenton Falls trip left under hazy and bright skies. At 10:40 a.m. the Hacker with its new motor was launched amidst many shouts. After the gas tank was installed, the trial run was undertaken with much success. Although there was much work to be done after this initial trip, it proved that it will be ideal for water skiing as well as pleasure riding. Again sailing was a popular activity along with swimming and riding. Before supper, Tents # 1 and 5 rowed off for the Willows with Fred Aiken and Bill Fisher as added guests. This trip was led by Bob Cunningham and Todd Hulvenny. The rest of the camp enjoyed the night game which is held each night after supper and before store.

THURSDAY: The weather this day was cool and clear. The Willows trip returned in the morning before milk and crackers, having had their usual fine time. Work continued on the Hacker with many, many sidewalk superintendents doing heavy onlooking. A few could tear themselves away to get into the swimming area or to the handicraft, but most preferred to just watch the goins-on. A few trial runs of water skiing were undertaken and were most successful. About five o'clock in the afternoon we sent out a Willows trip composed of Tents # 53A and 10 under the steerage of John Young and Bob Pine. A small Lookout trip also set out up the hill following Chuck Pierce and Lawry Pickett. The Trenton Falls trip appeared back in camp also just before supper, having had much better luck with the weather and the bugs. Bob Rockwell took a riding group to join the Lookouters for supper. In the evening, the bowlers made their weekly trip to the alleys.

FRIDAY: Clear, hot, but enough wind to sail in. The Lookout trip and Willows trip returned. The twelve-and-under and twelve-and-over baseball teams both had practice for their twilight game at supper time. Tom Mercer along with Walt Rogers and Bill Howland attempted another Susquehanna trip. We all questioned the quantity of water that they would encounter, due to the drought that we are experiencing in this area. Sailing continued in its usual busy way as did the swimming and all the other activities of camp. The two baseball teams left about 5:00 p.m. to have their picnic supper Fairy Springs before going to their respective fields: the older ones to Doubleday and the younger ones to the Little League Field. The older team was victorious by a score of 9-7, and the Little League groups tied their opponents, 7-7. The highlight of the senior game was the pitching of Mac Barrett and the hitting of Scotty Carlton. Many contributed to the fine performance of the junior ball players. They returned for a very welcome swim after the game.

SATURDAY: Another clear day. The Susquehanna trip returned in the morning stating that they had had to portage their canoes a great portion of the trip due to the extremely low water in the river along their particular route. We probably shall have to abandon the Susquehannas for the remainder of this summer and substitute our other very popular mountain trips. Shortly after lunch we posted a group of fifteen pictures of various objects and places in and around camp, calling it a Picture Treasure Hunt. Teams of five or six campers were organized and volunteers from the council and ULs as well as various dependents worked as individuals to attempt to identify correctly as many of the pictures as possible. The winners were the team made up of Bob Davis, Rusty Picket, Josh Posner, Pete Mehl, Jerry McKenna, and Frank Saunders from the camper category, Neville Cutting from the ULs, Bob Pine from the council, Susy Carlton from the older dependents, and Diedre Hlliard and Mike Downs from the chipmunk set. All enjoyed the participation in this hunt and were ready to sit down and enjoy the tent plays in the evening. As usual, the four tent plays were all fine productions, but the judges felt the best play was presented by lent #53A. Scottie Haskell was the best actor and Donald Ross seemed to be the best actress. We again had some community singing in between the plays - all of which gave us a most enjoyable evening.

SUNDAY: Sunny with showers in the early afternoon. The morning was again involved with the showers, laundry, inspection and the like. The church service was conducted in a little different manner, using hymns to illustrate some of the Ten Commandments. We were able to sing a few more hymns this way, which all seemed to enjoy. For the second Sunday in a row we had native sweet corn on the cob for dinner. In the afternoon, we held a swimming meet which included all campers. This served as a warmup for our wind-up events which will begin in a week or so. After our usual outdoor supper, Tents # 8 and 4 went to town for the Inspection winning trip. We then had the evening movies which included an excellent one on Rescue Breathing (before and after which we had some discussion), Indian Ceremonials, and Tomorrow's Trees. All were most interesting.

PLAYS: for next week will be from Tents # l5, 17, 18, and Mouldy City with the addition of Jim Hunt, Bill Somervllle, John Koessler, Billy Lynn, Bruce Danzer, Fred Lewis, Peter Mehl, Billy Fisher, and Josh Posner.

CARD: It is most important that you return the enclosed post card in the very near future. The headings on it are self-explanatory--kindly fill in.

FINAL BARBECUE: We again repeat our invitation for the barbeque on Thursday, August 25. We reluctantly must limit it, however, to parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents of campers. We anticipate a barbeque of better than 500 persons and all this information is vital in our final plans. We would appreciate your early cooperation. In view of frequent cool nights, we strongly advise bringing warm clothes and coats. The ceremonies will take about two hours and the evening gets chillier as it progresses. A flashlight is also a tremendous help in getting back to your car.

TRAVEL PLANS: We will have a supervised bus and train group from Cooperstown to N.Y. and then southward. We must know how many will be going in this way in order to confirm the bus arrangements. The bus will leave here early on Friday morning, August 24. We will give you the exact times in the next Homeletter.

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