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Home Letter Volume 36, No. 5, July 30, 1962

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Hyde Bay Home Letter

VOLUME 36                 July 30, 1962                 No. 5

BASEBALL DAY: The day started out with cloudiness and a prediction of showers; but, we all looked forward, optimistically, to the game between the N.Y. Yankees and the Milwaukee Braves. A small group departed early with their picnic lunch to view the pre-game festivities. The big camp group of about seventy-five left shortly after milk and cookies. They had a picnic lunch at Fairy Springs, a public picnic and camping area just this side of Cooperstown, and then walked into town to the ball field. About one half hour before game time, the heavens opened up in a tremendous downpour. The game was cancelled, and we then started a shuttle system of retrieving all the drenched campers. Everyone was back in camp by the middle of the afternoon, dried and none the worse for the experience except disappointed at not seeing the game. The remainder of this rainy day was involved with many handicraft activities, work in the wrestling room, and building mud dams in a little stream that runs past the councilors' lodge. There were a few brave sailors who undertook to go out in the drizzle late in the afternoon.

TUESDAY: The weather continued today in a vein of cloudiness and was somewhat cooler than the preceding day. These are good days for museum trips, so off went several trips to the Farmer's Museum, Baseball Museum, and, in the afternoon, to the Woodland Museum. Those that did not wish to go on these excursions remained at camp and engaged in swimming, wrestling, riding, and some baseball. A riding trip with five campers and Bob Rockwell set out and returned just before supper. About five o'clock a Willows trip got under way with Tents # 9 and 2 doing the paddling with their respective councilors, Bill Bergstrom and Bob Pine. There were also several parents in to visit their various offspring.

MOVIE DAY: The weather took a turn for the better and we had a clear, cool day. Shortly after breakfast, an Up-the-Lake trip embarked under the direction of Hunt Billiard, Hossein Kazemi, and Charlie Tracy. They had a beautiful day, but the return trip across the lake was very windy and all got a good workout with their paddling. The sailboats were readied in the morning for a sailing race with Chenango in the afternoon. The final score proved Hyde Bay the winners. Bob Rockwell took another group of riders out into the nearby fields for a country riding trip. All seemed ready in the evening for the gripping movie "Bataan" and even more ready for their beds at its end.

THURSDAY: Very windy, misty, and cloudy. Another museum entourage went to Cooperstown to the various places of interest. We are able to make several-trips via the shuttle system and thus enable a goodly number of boys to see the museums at one time. Aside from the regularly scheduled riding, there was also another small group out on the road for a short special trip. The sailing department had a few takers - the Sailfish were the popular vehicle of the day since the Comets were curtailed by very strong and gusty winds. Several sets of parents arrived at varying intervals throughout the day. In the late afternoon, Tents # 10 and 4, with their councilors, Perry Winston and Walt Rogers, went to the Willows for an overnight stay. In the evening the ULs elected to go into Cooperstown to see Walt Disney's "Bon Voyage." Since the bowling alleys were reserved for us, Tents # 12, 14, and 15 were permitted to go in place of the ULs. Great enthusiasm prevailed and all these campers had a most enjoyable time. The rest of the camp spent most of the evening either in the handicraft or in the lodge listening to some Mitch Miller Sing-Along records.

FRIDAY: The morning was cloudy, rainy, and cold, but the afternoon cleared off sufficiently to enable the outgoing and incoming campers to get packed and unpacked without too much difficulty. This was our changeover day and we were able to see and visit with a goodly number of parents - a very pleasant experience. A Rum Hill overnight trip started their hike under - the guidance of Hunt Hilliard, Doug Coupe, and Jock McQuilkin. This is a fairly high hill across the lake that makes for good hiking and has a fine view of many miles once the top has been reached. The food and packs are taken over by auto, so the hikers have only themselves to be responsible for. This also was the day for the Hacker motor to arrive from Boston via the Ryans. It is wonderful to see the excitement and glee that is associated with this new endeavor.

SATURDAY: Another windy day, alternating between clouds and sunshine. The windy conditions were subdued sufficiently to allow much sailing in all the various sailing vessels. The Rum Hill trip returned in the late morning, having had a most successful and delightful trip. A few more new campers arrived and got themselves settled into their tents with the help of their councilors and fellow tent-mates. A small riding group once more went out, and the water front saw lots of action. The Hacker motor was lowered into its proper place in the Hacker and the serious work of getting it all connected up properly was under way by Mr. Ryan. Since we had no tent plays this week., we had a show by a magician. He did all kinds of magical things for us for about an hour and a half. The audience was entranced and intrigued and confused by many of his tricks; but, we all enjoyed it immensely.

SUNDAY: Cloudy with showers in the afternoon. The Sunday morning clean-up routine was the schedule - this includes laundry, hot showers for campers, trunk inspections, and tent inspections. In between some of these activities we had a fine church service under the leadership of Mr. Downs. His talk on our kindness and thoughtfulness of all people, not just important persons, was most interesting - and was highlighted by unusual examples. During the afternoon, there was lots of good sailing in and around the prevalent showers. Four boys went with Bob Rockwell to a nearby junior horse show and three of the boys won ribbons: Rickie Reese won a first place, Doug Cornish a third place, and Steve Hyde a fourth. The educational movies at night after our outdoor supper included a Ted Williams baseball reel, "Secrets of the Plant World," and "Admiral in an Outboard."

AN EARLY REMINDER that our final barbeque festivities take place on Thursday, August 25 at 6:00 p.m. It would be wise for you to make or for you to ask us to make reservations for you as soon as your plans are definite. In your plans, we might mention that you may take your sons with you on Thursday night after the bonfire, which should be about 10:00 p.m. if you so wish. Most of the boys will be going on Friday, August 24. More data on this in later Homeletters.

BILLS are going out this- week covering the full second month tuition for the second month boys and the remainder of the tuition for the full summer campers. The tutoring for this second half will be an estimate for the last four weeks. Any tutoring adjustments will be made on the final incidental bill, which is sent out after camp closes.

TENT PLAYS for this week will come from Tents # 53A, 6, 7, and 8.

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