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Home Letter Vol. 35, After Camp, 1961

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VOLUME 35             September 24, 1961                   After-Camp

THE END OF CAMP: The last few days of camp were very good to us weatherwise. We were able to accomplish all the wind—up events plus a few extra trips that had been asked for. The only major mishap during this period was a dislocated elbow suffered by Fred Gale in the finals of the wrestling tournament. The doctors at the hospital had it back in proper location in relatively short time. Again we are most grateful for our close proximity to the Bassett Hospital.
BARBEQUE: We were very pleased and happy to have present and meet the parents and relatives of the campers. We served chicken to approximately three hundred. Only ten boys went home by train, so most of the parents were with us. Between the meal and the bonfire, we were forced to move into the dining room for a short period to avoid a rather heavy shower Warren Hills, representing the council, presented the camp a plaque which explained a gift of three spotlights to the Hyde Bay Theater in memory of Herbert E. Pickett, founder and former Director of Hyde Bay. The shower quickly passed and we adjourned to the outside for the lighting of the bonfire and the awards. Among the distinguished visitors for the final festivities were Mr. and Mrs. “Chief” Chandlee, Blaise deSibour, John Hinkley, Bruce Hering and his father, and Nick King. A few of the boys departed at the close of the ceremonies, and the remainder left at varying intervals the following morning.
HIBERNATION: The council remained on for another day and a half to take down tents, put boats, beds, and mattresses away in the various buildings for storage over the long winter. By noon on Saturday, the bulk of the work had been done, and the councilors departed for their respective places of work, play, or schooling.
REPORTS: All tutoring reports and examinations have been sent to the various schools and to the respective parents. If there are any questions or further requests please let us know and we will be glad to assist you. The tutors’ reports indicated that the summer work should produce some beneficial results in this ensuing school year.
LOST ARITICLES: In spite of our efforts to check each boy’s clothing and equipment before he leaves for home, we still end up with lots of odds and ends which we have forwarded on as we have been able to identify the article. If there are known missing articles that you have not received, let us know. We will make an effort to identify the unmarked things that we still have.
BILLS: Enclosed are the bills for the incidentals incurred during the course 0f your son’s stay at camp. These will include charges for the second half of tutoring in the pertinent cases. The tuition balance will also be indicated where necessary. We hope there are no errors——there may be. Kindly call it to our attention if you feel there are any discrepancies.
WINTER PLANS: We all worked rather diligently getting the final closing touches done. Mother will remain at her home, Craig Lynn, for a month or so and then is going into an apartment in Cooperstown for the winter. My family and I returned to Milton the middle of September in time for school starting and Harvard athletic duties. We have moved the camp office to our home in

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Milton. I would kindly ask you to address all correspondence from now to the first of June, 1962 to:

    MR. ROBERT A PICKETT         Our telephone number is
    MILTON 87, MASS              Code number 617 OX 6-2669

We would all be pleased to see or hear from any of you at any time. Our home is always open to you.

THANK YOU: for a most pleasant summer with your young men. Your sons made the camp a success, the council did a fine job, the cooks kept us well fed---all of which are the ingredients for a season such as we had. If there are any adverse feelings, please do not suffer in silence. We cannot remedy the fault or improve a situation if we are not aware of its existence. We feel constructive criticism is always worthwhile.
A large number of parents and boys have indicated that they hope to see us next year. Sometime in February we will be writing to learn of your specific plans.

We plan on sending out a Christmas letter—-we will be glad to furnish you with any addresses you would like for correspondence purposes.

A very happy and pleasant fall, winter, and spring to you all!!!

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