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Home Letter Volume 31, July 2, 1957 No. 1

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VOLUME 31             July 2, 1957                   No. 1

HERE BEGINNETH the 31st year of Hyde Bay Camp. It started in 1927 with 15 boys, This year we began with 105, which was increased to 106 by the arrival of Tom Hanson on Saturday and further augmented to 107 on Sunday when old camper Peter Gardiner brought his small brother Joey to join us. (Completing a course in chicken pox caused the delay, There is a wholesome mixture of old campers and new boys.

THE HOME LETTER: The publication I hope you are reading was started in 1931. No issue has ever been missed since. The editor and publisher is the Director. The reporters are the day men and head councilor, George Chandlee. The Home Letter is supposed to give parents information which their sons are far too busy to impart. All parents get a copy. We are delighted to send copies regularly to grandparents, aunts, uncles or other interested parties.

REPORTS: The first reports from the tent councilors arc enclosed. Comments are added by George, Betty (Betty Pickett is the Camp Nurse) and by the Director. All boys tutoring will got separate academic reports next week.

BILLS: Enclosed is a statement of the carp tuition. You are charged for the first 4 weeks at the short time rate of 280.00. The second half bill for boys will be $145.00. Total $425.00 . If you prefer to free your mind of such detail, the entire camp fee may be paid at this time.

THE COUNCIL: For the first time in our history, we had to start with one camp councilor missing. This deficiency will be repaired on Tuesday when Bob Rockwell, a junior rider at college, comes to supervise riding. He is bringing his own horse. Otherwise the council is complete.

CHANGES: With deep regret we announce a most unusual number of changes on cur staff. In the summer school, Mr. Barriskill has taken up library work. Mr. Mercer is coaching industrial executives and their assistants in speedy reading, while the Russells once more have sailed for Italy. Al Kerr has become the Headmaster of Berwick Academy in Maine. Heb Evans is to spend a summer guiding boys through the Canadian wilderness, an experience which he has longed to have for some tire. To our joy, he is spending a week or two helping us get start before he takes up his new duties.

REPLACEMENTS: We are indeed fortunate to have Mr. Jerry Downs of the Gilman School faculty to teach our English classes. Mrs. Garver is helping out with the younger reading cases. Mr. Dresser is back to look after the Mathematics. Don and Pat Campbell are living in the erstwhile Russell cottage. He is head of the waterfront while she is conducting some interesting nature study work. Numerous toads, snakes

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