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VOLUME 30             July 17, 1956                   No. 3

THE GALLOPING HOURS: have brought us through three remarkably short weeks of camp. The Very end is only 5 weeks away. You will all be invited to the barbecue and bonfire on the night of August 20th. Old parents need not be reminded what Bob does to chicken. While your “formal” invitation will come later, I strongly urge you to make your reservations for the night of August 20th immediately. The Otesaga Hotel, Cooper Inn, Miss Cooke’s (15 Chestnut Street), Rathbun’s Hyde Bay Cottages, Deer Run Motel are places I recommend. If you are unsuccessful, let me know as there are other good places. But do it soon!!

THE BALL GAME: The Giants play the Tigers here on Monday, July 23rd. I have 100 tikets for this contest. Perhaps the campers and councilors will not use all of them. In that event, I night have some for visiting parents. If you want to cone early to bring your boy, or to get him, make your Monday night reservatzons immediately and let me know how many tickets you want if I have any left. The second half boys can be accommodated at camp before Tuesday, morning, July 24th.

CARDS: In the appropriate enve1opes we have placed the famous reply card. Please let us know how and when your son is to come or return home. This applies to Outgoing first-half campers and incoming second-half campers.

HEALTH BLANKS: for the second—half boys are enclosed to be returned or brought.

HABERDASHER’S HINT: For each boy in camp, a pair of shoes and set of clothes are stored in the locked “good clothes” room. There are good ones if they have them or just clean ones otherwise. The object is to protect good clothes and shoes and/or have always available clean, dry clothes and shoes to wear home or to wear if suddenly necessary. Some campers do not have enough shoes or clothes to make this required procedure a simple as it should be. In some cases another pair of sneakers or long pants night be helpful.

WEATHER: Highest praise goes to campers and councilors for the cheerful philosophic way they have endured, yea enjoyed, the spotty weather we have been issued this week.

MONDAY, JULY 9th: Clear and warm after a heavy rain. First Trenton Falls trip under Bob, Heb, George Ruestow, Jeff and Peter Macky set forth with full time Junior Life Savers with canoe tests passed. Another trip in August will ta1e care of the remainder of the qualified. Good sailing. Warren and Paul took tents #4 and #5 to Gravelly for the night. (We commented on this day in our last and retarded issue.)

JULY 30th: Partly clou4y, cool and windy, with evening showers. Good sailing. Geologists Nat and Charlie took 9 boys up the geologically, prolific Pathfinder ravine. Reported find of fossilized camp director’s heart proved to be only some unusually hard flint. Webb’s Anacondas

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beat Brown’s Adders 7—6 in a baseball thriller.

WEDNESDAY: Clear and hot with the built-in, our standard equipment, afternoon showers. For the first time within the memory of men now living, Camp Chenango beat Hyde Bay at hardball 10-8. Relief pitcher, Tim Scharf was outstanding. Fans by Hacker, horse, hoof and sail went down easily but returned with difficulty (classical scholars will recall their Virgil). David Ryan passed his “D” swimming test this day to emulate Kevin Rowe who had passed it the day before. At night we witnessed an indifferent to bad movie, “The Girl Next Door” (who should have moved).

THEN THURSDAY: Overcast with some showers which have become in Hyde Bay vocabulary synonymous with weather. Softball went to extra innings before Captain Tom Mercer’s Rattlers beat Captain Gable’s Cobras 5—3.

FRIDAY, THE THIRTEENTH: This hazard was passed under occasional showers by sending 2 groups to the Farmer’s Museum. There was lots of swimming because it was warm though cloudy. The rambunctious Rattlers ran their string to 2 over Gable’s Anacondas 5—3. Older boys went to town to the commercial cinema.

WEEK’S END: Overcast, high winds and guess what – showers! The softball team for Juniors held a practice. In the annual Hot Rock contest Weller won a dollar bill for the most stones. Archie Coupe won oceans of pop, and over 50 other boys won some cash and prizes.

THE DRAMA: One of the finest of the magnificent series of Hyde Bay plays produced by our local Belasco, Al Kerr (some of you grandparents remember Belasco) was won by Tent #53! Proud parents of all actors will receive play programs. Winning actress went to Chip Campbell, while the actor’s Oscar was carried off by John Mercer. better evening’s entertainment than some New York theaters afford.

THE SABBATH: As befits such a day, it was clear. Peter Macky preached excellently in our local Tabernacle. Tents #2 and #8 made the round trip to Cooperstown in the Hacker for their conspicuous neatness. In softball the Carps under Ned Clapp devoured Don Abbott’s Eels who wriggled bravely to a 4-2 defeat. Excellent movies on Safe Driving and Indian Ceremonial terminated the evening.

THE COUNCIL: The veterans are, head councilor George Chandlee, who started 19 years ago with the war interrupting; Al Kerr of dramatic and musical theme, since his sophomore year at Yale, interrupted by the war, a trip abroad and a year at Harvard; Heb Evans, the redoubtable trip councilor of 20 nights sleeping, on the ground in a single camp season, with us since his school days, also interrupted by a couple of years while in the army; handicraft councilor and artistic genius, Jack Carver is well into his fifth season. Senior among the councilors who have grown out of Hyde Bay is Sandy Jencks, here since his early school clays as boy and councilor, followed in alphabetical order by old campers George Barker, Eddie brown, Warren Hills, George Ruestow and Charlie Webb. Old councilor Jeff Williams is back for his second year as is our waterfront director Pete Macky of Harvard and Bermuda. New councilors are Pat Cravener of Cornell, Bry Danner, Jack Murphy and Ken Washburn of Harvard, Stan Hall of Millbrook and Pete Thomas of Gilman. The seven councilors—in—training are, old campers Paul Abbott, Charlie Classen and Tommy Garrett, with Bill Brooks, Ian Macky, Neale Smith and Billy Woodward new to Hyde Bay.

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