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Home Letter Volume 26, August 27, 1952 No. 8

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VOLUME 26             August 27, 1952                   No. 8

THANKS: The parents, the boys and the councilors have cooperated splendidly this season to give us one of our best Hyde Bay summers. The Picketts are deeply grateful to all who have helped make this venture such a success in its twenty—sixth summer. The camp was filled to overflowing almost entirely by your efforts. It flourished peacefully and happily for eight weeks with your kind cooperation. You have been very considerate, thoughtful and enthusiastic in your remarks end letters to me. It has been a most pleasant and rewarding association from our point of view.

DATES: This letter is being dictated the day after camp closed. Your individual letters will bear various dates. The mailing time will depend upon how soon we can compile and check over the incidental accounts. We will date the letters as they are dictated.

BILLS: You will find enclosed an itemized account of the authorized personal expenditures of your son. Let me emphasize that this is not an extra charge. We have merely charged various expenditures of a definitely personal nature rather than requiring a cash payment. The multitude of small charges gives plenty of opportunity of error and omission. Please don’t hesitate to call any mistakes to my attention. We have made every effort to regulate the expenditures especially of the smaller boys. I should be glad to explain any item.

SUGGESTIONS: In the past, parents have been most kind in helpfully suggesting changes and improvements in the conduct of the camp. I hope you will continue that custom.

MONDAY, AUGUST 18TH: Clear and windy with good sailing. Bob Pickett with JackGarver and Blaise to assist him took out the Delaware trip. This encountered such low water that it returned the next day. Tents 6, 7 and 8 spent the night on Nebo. There was a softball game of an informal nature in the afternoon.

TUESDAY: A very cold night with a clear day. There were many sailing races. The winners of the nature hunt went to town for a special movie. Horsemen Trigg Peters and Peter Smith spent the night with Tommy on Nebo.

A CLEAR AND BEAUTIFUL WEDNESDAY: More sailing races, tennis matches and basketball games took advantage of the favorable weather. A swimming meet disclosed the Blues under Captain Powell as superior to the Greens under leader Bowdoin. The score Was 73 to 48. The winners enjoyed a case of pop. The first time in our long association with Films, Inc. our weekly movie failed to arrive so we did not see, “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

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THURSDAY: Sailing races and water skiing were features of this cloudy day. Jack Garver took about 40 boys to explore Howe Caverns. Dave Andrew supervised the finals of the wrestling tournament.

THREE—DAY BLOW: A feature of Hyde Bay life has always been the sudden appearance and departure of three days of hard wind rushing in off the lake. This phenomenon started on Friday and limited our activities until Monday morning. We had sailing races and tennis matches, a Bingo game, marshmallows wore roasted; we advanced the horse show to Saturday; we held some basketball games; the temperature dropped as low as 52; there were fires in the lodge and the dining room; there was a sort of three—day suspension of our normal aquatic activities.

MAGICIAN: It has been our custom for several years to have our local prestidigitator, Bud Spraker, mystify us with his excellent array of magic tricks. On Saturday evening he presented perhaps his best show yet.

SUNDAY: The Director preached. Trigg’s team won the final basketball game. The sailing races were happily completed. Tent 5 won the inspection trip. The wind had relaxed enough to allow the boating events of the wind—up almost to be completed.

THE LAST DAY OF CAMP: This clear and warm Monday was given over to completing the wind—up events in swimming, to packing and to preparing for the final festivities.

THE BANQUET 175 sat down to a feast of fried chicken and sweet corn with appropriate trimmings. Many parents and auxiliary children were present. After the usual talk by the Director, Head Councilor Chandlee arose and presented to the men in the kitchen your very generous contribution. We then adjourned to the huge bonfire. Soon the blaze rose to high Heaven. The pile crashed to the ground still flaming vigorously. The Chief appeared with a basket Of prizes and a stack of ribbons. He and his attendants distributed those to the various worthy recipients. The list is far too long to repeat. The neatest bed of the year earned David Long a prize. Two knives bought in Germany by old Councilor Heb Evans were awarded to Jan Rozendaal and John Alexander for their zeal and proficiency in camp activities with special emphasis on the trips. Trophies went to the winners in sailing and tennis. Ribbons were awarded for success in the wind—up to the winners in the wrestling tournament and to the horsemen who were judged superior in our excellent Saturday horse show by our perennial judge, Col. Simon Acoutin of Cooporstown.

DEPARTURE: The flames of the fire died down. The parents and some of the boys took their leave. One by one the tents went to bed. Gradually the group of councilors, teachers and sundry adults melted away from the glowing embers of the fire. In an all too short time it was 5:30 and the rising horn was blowing. A hasty breakfast, tumultuous farewells and the bus rumbled off to Ft. Plain with about 30 boys under the direction of Bob Russell. Gradually parents appeared, campers departed and the councilors were left free to fall upon the defenseless camp. In a day most traces of human habitation were removed. Boats were in, the dock was piled high on the shore. The Hacker painfully made its way into the boathouse and, as we write, the councilors are finishing the job ready to depart in a few hours.

FINALLY: And so ends season number twenty-six in the history of Hyde Bay -- a happy summer!

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