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Home Letter Vol. 10, No. 3,  1937

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VOLUME TEN  NUMBER THREE                                       JULY 21, 1937

EXIT ALIBI.  Sunshine has had to take the stationwagon to the car doctor due to a compound fracture of the front spring. The Director is cutting his own stencil and is hence responsible for the errors which will follow immediately.

MAIDENS SNATCHED FROM GLIMMERGLASS.  Last Friday left the camp a seething mass of excitement. Sunshine and a crew in the sailboat came upon an upset sailing craft to which two girls clung. They hove to or something and signaled the shore. Out shot Bill,Jack Young, and Bobby Pickett in the motor boat, Bobby by virtue of his ability to start the motor. Presently back came the sailboat with Jack and Bobby and the crew. Bill and Sunshine elected to save the maidens beyond fear of danger. When they at last came into camp they were presented with the Hyde Bay Iron medal for valor.

SATURDAY AND A BALL GAME.  Jack and Bill and Mr. Marrian played for Springfield Center in vain against Cooperstown.  The last named made a two bagger as did several of the players who batted against Bill’s pitching. (We are not responsible for such rumors as this.) To earn the right to transportation to see the show a large group of boys weeded the garden all morning.

A REAL OTSEGO AT LAST!  While the Director and a few boys were off taking milk and horse feed for a trip of Billy’s which never did get off, up came a big shower and wet them all. At camp the usual scene was enacted. Boats came ashore,tents were whipped wildly, beds were drenched here and there, a section of dock floated off. In other words it was a real Otsego. These storms come up in a twinkling and last about a haf hour. The view of the approaching tempest from the top of Horsehike Mountain was grand. The water was cold and wet.

STUDY HALL CHANGE.  At last we have put into play a plan which we have long wished to initiate. Study halls should all, in the day periods, be under one man. Now we have just the right man. Mr. Dresser goes in at eight and comes up for air only at 12-15. He is out to correct bad study habits, promote concentration, and generally supplement in a very vital way the instruction we try our best to administer here.  It is a very valuable innovation.

BRUTAL AND ALL THAT.  Saturday night we had another rousing battle in the Russellorium. Space does not permit and ink will not do the proper justice to the battles fought on the mat.  Perhaps the draw in boxing between Danny Brewster and Freddie Brune was a high light. But then Mike-and-Tollie was a sight to see, and too-- but halt!

AVISITING. The Russells went avisiting but came back after all.

CHURCH ON SUNDAY.  To Cooperstown and church went Albert Allner, Andre Brewster,Cromwell,PaulHudson,James,Ober,Raleigh, Randall,Supplee, Ralph Thomas, and Wampole. All went by car . The local service was conducted by Sunshine. It was held under the three willows as usual.

FORGOTTEN ITEM BUT UNFORGETABLE EVENT.  On Friday night we had the first man-hunt. (This machine has taken to jumping about again.) The in party of over thirty captured all of the outs. Sparky Barker was the last to surrender of the out party. He was captured by a raiding party of Inns. Several tents and the wrestling room fell to the Outs. After all was over at 10-30, cocoa and crackers were taken in the kitchen. Several of the smaller boys observed their usual bed time while on duty. None were shot for the offense.

LOGGING.  Lawry and John Owens brought down some big logs from over Shadow Brook. Cut up into proper lengths they are now back logs for the every-evening fire  constructed in copywright style by Capatin.

PREMONITIONS.  Professor Hartzell is already gathering wood for his great final fire. This action used to be a harbinger of the end of camp as squads of geese flying over betoken the end of the season, but this year he has us puzzled. Is it going to be even bigger or does he anticipate an intellectual August ?

EXIT.  Huidy left with his Father this week. He had finished his work in English and dashed off to toil in a different realm where sweet smiles are the currency. The old station wagon in which he used to ride from class room to dining hall misses him.

TRENTON VISITED FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR.  Ten boys from the tents of Gordon, George, and Sunshine, with these councilors and Lawry and Frank to drive the cars back,set out Tuesday for Trenton. The Director went along to see how things were . He took Tollie and Carter with him. This trio returned after supper. The rest stayed on camped by the falls. On Wednesday morning they had a good trip down the rapids and so home just in time for Wednesday supper. On Tuesday we all had done the gorge, a great a play ground as ever. We hiked to Prospect, ate about five dollars worth of ice-cream, and walked down the other  side of the gorge to camp and supper. A few of the boys went over the falls and almost all dove from the high rocks of the first falls.

SUPPER OUT.  Thursday after noon Jack and Billy took a few boys down to Gravelly Point for supper. Bryant Goddard, cousin to Mike, went with them and stayed all night in Billy’s tent.

TAG.  Old councilor Donny Tag was with us for a few days for a bit of rest before starting work in the Savage Arms at Utica. He is here for the week end too.

COMING.  Next week we shall strike our sounding liar in praise of the all tent show and the Treasure Hunt. This letter covers only Friday through Thursday.(The word is lyre.)

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