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Home Letter Vol. 10, No. 1 1937

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VOLUME TEN  NUMBER ONE                                           JULY 7, 1937

AUTHOR’S PREFACE. It has been the custom of the Director for some years to write each week the sort of letter a boy ought to write to his parents. This is the tenth year of this serial. Hyde Bay is delighted to send this letter to any name supplied by boys or parents, Grandmothers, Aunts, friends, to Father when Mother gets the report in the country, etc. Your request is our command.

SANKA-APPLESAUCE. Applesauce is so common in America that the Editor hesitates to say this. The gravy has all been extracted from these statement. “If I have ever had a better lot of boys or council than I have this year, it was shameful waste.” The teachers being the same, have merely aged in the wood.  I should not care to have them better.

OLD BOYS. Back with us again or once more: Allner, Barker, Beury, Brune, Bubert, Campbell, Clemmitt, Cromwell, Gildea, Hall, Hudson, P.Hudson, ( the Hudsons come this next week.)Kinder, Pickett, Rodgers, Root, Supplee, Ralph Thomas, Wampole. Hunt Williams, too, when his ear adds an “h”.
Alber, Barton, Brewsters,(three, Bennie coming for August), Clarke, Dandy, Dodson, Duer, Felton, Finney,James, Maltbie, Morrill, Murray, Two Obers, Ownes, Raleigh, Randall, Stuart, Thomas, Tomkins, Zeugner.

COUNCIL. Gone is Charley, who is working in a hospital and plans marriage in August; Jake, who has had an operation; Hammy, who studies at Hopkins; Donny Tag, who is in the business world, as is Walter Koppelman.
Back with us Billy Payne for the horses, and youngest tent. Jack Young, more of him this year all round. Sunshine and Lawry, clan Pickett.
New are Head councilor, Bill Formwalt, recently of Gilman where math football and basketball have taken up his time, along with baseball. He graduated from Hampden-Sydney a year ago. Forrest Griffith, Erstwhile captain of Baltimore Poly track team and head of student government there Gorden Kinder promoted from the ranks of last year. George Chandlee late of Yale with a year at Gilman. Bob Long, a Yale man whose degree was granted this June. He plays the piano and other parts as well.  Frank Supplee also from the ranks of last year. Gorden and Frank are just emerging from the U.L. stage to full councillorhood. Still in the U.L. cocoon are Huidekoper, Jack Clemmitt, Taykor Rodgers, Lloyd Felten, and Bobby Pickett Eddie Supplee does enough to make Maryland wrestlers tremble if they know.

KNOWLEDGE. The Faculty is all of the old stock. Mr. Hartzell for the modern languages, (Bermicide as yet alas,). Mr. Marrian for mathematics. Mr. Russell for that deceased tongue known as Latin. MISTER (!) Walker for English. Mr. Dresser teaches canoeing and camping and holds study halls.

THE LADIES: Mrs. Dresser is once more in charge of Mr. Dresser and dramatics. They are in the yellow house again. Mrs. Russell is again in charge of the Russell dormitory and helps the Picketts. Mrs. Pickett pulls slivers, pours magnesia, buys, etc., etc., etc., etc., and et.

HORSES. The same faithful quadrupeds are back with us again. They are on the go most of the time. This seems to be a riding camp this year.

NAUGHTY BUMPPO. As you know, this country is as steeped in the Cooper tradition as Baltimore in Calvert, or New York in Knickerbocker. In keeping with our surroundings, we have named our new and amiable goat, Bumppo for obvious reasons. When he ate up Mrs. Pickett’s flowers, he was named Naughty.

INSECTS. It is as unpardonable to mention mosquitoes at Hyde Bay as it is to whisper rain in California. We have never had them before, but this year a very few have appeared. In our new catalog we will have to say in the Gilbertian manner - “well hardly ever.” And have we not a right to that vocabulary! You know, of course, that the famous Gilbert and Sullivan expedition against the Indians started from Cooperstown in 1779.

CELEBRATION. The Glorious fourth was marked on the fifth by firecrackers without casualty in the morning. The evening saw a bonfire and a brilliant display of night works, made possible largely by the generosity of Mr. Gildea.

HANDICRAFTS. Under the able supervision of Forrest, we are making a new drive on crafts. Pottery is already under way with more in the offing.  Many a luckless pot is marred in the making, but many more will figure as valued gifts before the season is over.

SHOWER. We now have in working order a real shower bath. The water is cold but plentiful. A shower may now be substituted for the soap-dip on Sunday---strictly on the honor system as to behind the ears.

SHOW. Mrs. Dresser and Bob Long have already concocted a play for this coming Saturday night. We also have moved all the eligible boys at least once.

LODGE. A brand new 20 by 24 lodge has been built. It is a passing fair structure jest by the side of the old lodge.

EATING EXPANSION. The old lodge and fireplace have been incorporated in a more salubrious and commodious dining hall.

DOCKAGE. The dock is out a few feet further than ever.

ROUND TOP. We have a new and very fine horse-hike location. It has a view of most of the kingdoms of the world. We shall presently start to visit it. There is also a mysterious secret outpost, of which more anon.

LAKE TRIP. Mr. Dresser and Gordon Kinder have already led out a triple canoe load in a circuit of the lake. They had a notable time.

HEADING. Forrest did the new heading for the HOMELETTER.

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