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Horrible Heading.   The summer rushes relentlessly,on bearing us to
the school year,clothes,work,underwear,houses,in short, to civilization.
“Fifth Issue” tells us the summer is half over.

Bunk.   Like Solomon Grundy and his career is the history of a
Hyde Bay Bunk. Made up at eight, sat on at nine, rumpled at ten, ruined by
night. Yet we do have one rigid inspection at eight. Let parents come
when they will, let parents even sniff, we will not have more inspections.
Winners this week in their respective tents: Freddie Allner, Arthur Machen,
Dicky Hynson and Brad Jacobs tied for first in Charley’s tent,Johnny
Koppleman supreme in George’s tent, Huidekoper best of three,(barely
grammatical) in the white tent. Huidey highest for the week with 48 points.
John next with 47.

Arrivals and visitors.  Lawrence Harper came by train this week and was
duly met and installed in Doug’s tent. Mr. Burwell came up with Johnny
Saturday and stayed over night with us, furnishing Mr. Russell one whom
he could beat at horse-shoes. Johnny remains for the summer. He enters
the narrow confines of the white tent. Highly honored for the directors
spent their honeymoon in said tent ------ years ago. Mrs Munger visited
us with attractive young lady who fell in the lake most pleasantly. Other
guests , but we only mention non-personal guests, parents and the like.
This is camp letter. Talbot Walker was here for a day or two on the very
noble errand of depositing with us Andrew Turnbull,Johnny Smith, and
the prodigal returning, one Charles Turner.

Replete. This is not an error for repeat. We are nearly full. With the
recent arrival of Mr. Johnny Boyce our junior council staff is full. Our
seats at table are full, our chairs are gone,room in the tents for three
more of they were the right ages, new beds purchased. To the directorate
this is that pleasant feeling which follows a good meal. If only someone
would ask to get into a full tent we should have a waiting list, that
mythical asset of every well oiled camp.

Volley Ball.  We now have a league:Ots, Egos,Hydes,Bays. They are fighting
fiercely with the camp back of them.

Chenango.   We motored, sailed,motorboated, and went to our pleasant rival
camp down the lake for a swimming meet. We brought home the bacon, or
perhaps,aquatically speaking,the trout. The score was close. 44-37. We
will have another. Notable work in sailing down in approaching storm by
Hammy Welbourn and crew. Idlewilly assisted in rescue of other camp boat
in upset only to be towed in by Chenango boat, true reciprocity.We are
having very pleasant relations with this brother camp.

New Horses.  We took Topsy home due to the imfirmities of age. We needed
another horse. We brought home Prince and another ##### who had been once
Prince. As we had a ##### and a Rocket, we renamed this unfortunate beast
Eddie. You can imagine the confusion existing in this equine mind. They
are pretty good horses.

Boats.  We brought home a new row boat in fee simple and for trial a boat
for Herbert Smelser’s second motor which we plan to buy. We may not keep
this boat but will get another at once for it is extremely popular.

Leatherstocking Falls.  All who had not gone went on Wednesday.

Ice cream.  Finding that some of the big rough biys were getting thirds
before the weaker more polite boys were getting seconds ,we invested in a
new additional freezer. Now all may gorge. Counciler Young coaches this
sport, setting the example by consuming ten dishes, cut six to the quart.
When more icecream is eaten Young will eat it.”

Weather.   We have had some nice warm days, one much needed rainy day
wherein we found all our leaks and marked them. Cold clear nights with
a calm lake caused heart throbs to the councilors. We have nothing but
praise for the weather.

Robin’s egg.   The old long canvas canoe has been painted a delicate
shade of robin’s egg blue and can be seen gliding decorously through
the pelucid waters of Otsego. It leaks very little.


       Younger boys made the trip we pioneered last week. The Director
assisted by Welbourn,Walker and Exshaw as mates lead out the following:
Beury,Gardon,Howat,Huidekoper,Jenkins, Kop,J. Lynn,W.two Picketts, Randel,
and Turner.  Five canoes burdened the trailer. Much food burdened the canoes.
First episode. We forgot all paddles. Mr. Al brought them to us
while Charley waited at the four corners. Off again at about two P.M.

        Camp pitched at the falls below the dam at about four. Visit to
the gorge with guests. Boys meanwhile tried to stem the swift current
below the falls. Not much luck. No fish caught.

         Hash and spagettiii  enjoyed to the full for supper. A night on
the ground to the no small agony of some. Counciler Walker caven in while
a stone obtruded in the spot he chose with quaint humor for his bed. Billy
Lynn deflected two ribs with similar technique.

         Bacon and eggs plus pancakes ushered in a new day. We explored the
wonders of the gorge. Leslie and his satelites fossiled profitably. We
crawled back of the falls, dove into the deep pool, admired the beauty,
inspected the power house.

          The rain fell. The rain continued to fall. Miserbale group stood
dismally about a tiny fire. The world was dark. Some of us went up to
see the rare beauty of the lake above the dam. Others stood or sought
refuge in a nearby kitchen.

        Night came on. A friendly Englishman resident in the town. If town
it be, offered his barn to those who wanted it. These were ten out of
out fifteen. There they slept with a few goats and some hay. All the
councilors gave them careful supervision. Dominoes and cards in Mr. Hill’s
hospitable home preceeded such sleep as they got. Meanwhile the damp
director supervised the thin red line who held the fort. Sandy Howat and
Jimmy Randel elected to stick it out beneath three piled up canoes. Ian
Gorden and three Picketts slept blissfullly beneath a fearful shelter of
canoes and leaky ponchos.

The morning saw us shooting rapids. Hammy fell over while wading,
Leslie with his canoemates Charley ahd Billy went over on the first
rapids. We all bumped rocks. Huidey paddled by Johnny and Lawry said it was luxury. So home by supper time. Apint each of icecream at Newport.

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