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     Every member of the staff(teachers) and the council has been with us before.  We start out seventh season with Mr. Toownsend for his sixth year,Mr.  Hartzell for his fifth Mr. Marrian and Mr. Russell for their third years, making up our faculty.   We sorely miss the Dunnings and Mr. Dresser. It is good to see Mrs. Russell back for her second year. The Russells have moved down to the spot where the Dunnings cleared the forest and built their cabin three years ago.      Tim Pitts is the only member of the council of last year who is not with us. We have reluctantly released him to the Bankers League - we wish it were only an option. Our veteran of veterans  is George Poore, Head Councilor after five seasons at Hyde Bay. Charley Classen has been a councilor for three other years. Doug Wise has two years to his crdit. Jack Young is starting his second.  Cooper Walker was here for a week or two last year. Leslie Exshaw is taking the piano for its fourth ride under his guidance. Hammy Welbourn is progressing from three years as a camper and a year  as Junior Councilor to a sort of associate professorship. Fanny Payne  will be a few days late for his third seson. He is having some  football injuries repaired.

Page Smith, who was the first camper ever enrolled, is back after an absence of two years. Of course, the Pickett boys and  Donny Tag have been here since the camp was founded. Ian Gordon, Prescott Huidekoper are three yer campers. Dicky Hynson will be  in later for his third season. Jake Classen and Herbert Smelser  are here for their second yea. The list of second year boys will be  swelled in August by Hugh Benet,Brad Jacobs,Frank  Beury,Sandy Howat and ruce Campbell. Bruce's brother Mac is a new boy. This list also  includes Larry Harper,coming up for August, Gary Black , expected  hourly now,and on the ground Ernest Jenkins two sets of brothers  in the persons of John and Walter Koppleman and Grank and Billy Lynn, Jimmy Randel, Charley Turner, and Andrew Tummbull[sp?] prospect for August. There are several others who are not definite enough for me to  announce them now. Their names will appear in other issues.

Fielder and Prudence are in the kitchen for the fifth time, hostages for the due appearance of that food for which they are  famous. Our garden is wrestling with the dry weather with the Golden  Bantam corn winning a decision. The nightly trips to Shadow Brook  Farm for the milk are as popular as ever. In fact we have to limit  the load to six and driver.

Rocket and Niger are back for their second season. Topsy has  joined them as a new camper with more life than the older ones. We  may add a fourth in August if the demands call for it.

A load of elder statesmen went to the movies while the rest of  the boys attended to the annual initiation of new boys. Sherry's is  still Sherry's and the talkie hero still comes out ahead in the end.

----------Over if interested ----------

      A real male of thee  species came along Saturday after dinner. The  big motor boat came ashore, one tent felt enough breeze to  straighten  out the hooks which hold it to the pole, hooks which required a vice  to bend back to form. Ten floors were covered with the water which  whipped beneath the sides. In other words it was a real "Otsego". We  needed the rain and enjoyed the wind.

Herbie has a new big motor for the little boat which throws up  a fine column of spray. As usual he is very generous with rides for  all. It makes the aquaplane a more lively board. Some have even fallen  off rounding a turn, more properly angling a turn. Herbert came up a  few days early to paint up and get organized. Our motor boat is in  the water with the Sea Horse astern all dressed in a new coat put on by Jack Young, the demon painter of Hyde Bay.

Simon L. Classen, driving his slaves with toungueandlash  ( Iroquos  word meaning pep)promises the court for Monday afternoon. It has been  given full beauty treatment including face- lifting.

Our Prometheus, Captain Hartzell, has already constructed some  of his masterpieces on the beach. After a winter of research  in the  Sanskrit ( Indian word meaning without darkness) he is full of the love of the fire-worshipers and seems in top form for a good season of  pyrotechnical prowess.

The true fans lead by the tireless Marrian, Dean of Hyde Bay  Golfers,have come in"pleasantly tired"from the Otsego Club on one  or more occasions. Again the club will be open to Hyde Bay campers for  golf and tennis.

Some take them and some can take them or leave them alone. The  date of Mr. Russell's annual appearance has not yet been set. Charles  Classen has spoken reminiscently of the one he nearly took several  years ago. Mr. Townsend wears a Roman helmet for the rite. The Director  takes them regularly because his wife makes him. Normaley reigns in the  morning hours.

Visiting parents number the Gordons, who left Bruce, brother to  Ian for a few days, Lynns, Kopplemans, leaving sons. Mr. Huidekoper  with quite a load of boys,Mrs. Walker,who drove up with Cooper and had some mechanical difficulties en route,Mrs. Munger,very briefly,leaving Eddie, and Mr. and Mrs. Smelser with Herbert on July First. We hope  this augurs well for frequent visits from parents. We enjoy and welcome  them.

Propaganda forgotten,it has been cool an clear with but one rain  and no unpleasantly hot day. The nights are clear , cold,and starry causing sighs from love#lorn councilors. ( If ther are any ?) sturdy  lake breeze. Good camping weather unpopular with the farmers.

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