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Home Letter August 18, 1930

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H Y D E    B A Y   S U M M E R   S C H O O L
O N   L A K E   O T S E G O
C O O P E R S T O W N,   N.   Y.




   Individual reports on campers will not be sent out this week due to the absence of the boys and councillors on the canoe trip.


   The camp suffered its first serious accident in its four years of existence. Edward Davis sustained a fractur.e of the fifth vertebra in diving from the boat wharf. While the wharf is but one foot from the water there is but about two and a half feet of water off the warf. This has always been regarded as a natural safety device for small boys bathing. Edward attempted a running shallow dive anddrove his head against the bottom with such force as to partially knock him out. A doctor from the Bassett Hospital was here in about half an hour. Two days later he was taken to the hospital in their ambulance and given an xray which revealed the fracture. The injury will necessitate a stay of several weeks in the hospital . The whole camp has expressed great sympathy for Mrs. Davis who came up shortly after the event and for Edward who had been at camp but a day . Reports from the hospital indicate that the case is progressing well.


   Most of the boys went by auto to Howes Cavern on Wednesday last. The walk through the large chambers was muc h enjoyed especially the latter part through a narrow winding passage. The trip was completed in one afternoon.


   The younger boys started late Sunday afternoon on a canoe trip down the Susquehannah and Goodyear lake. They will return Tuesday afternoon.


   Campers not tutoring for college exams will leave at 9-20 Saturday morning from Cherry Valley unless they have otherwise arranged it. They reach new York at 3-50 and take the 4-05 Bus on the B and O arriving at Baltimore at 8-56
Mt. Royal Station.

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