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John SchmickHeadmaster John "Jolly" Schmick retires from Gilman school

A video tribute
to John "Jolly" Schmick
From all the constituents at Gilman School.
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For all who knew John at
Hyde Bay Camp for Boys

Tom Lynn 05/11/13 - Great HBC representation at "The Event" for the retiring Headmaster Schmick! Rusty, Pierre, and Freddy Gale arrived from out of state. Rusty and Pierre joined me for an alumni lunch where they were acknowledged by JES during his remarks. I gave Rusty and Pierre a tour of some of the school -- especially the photo gallery of some of the Gilman faculty "greats," including Rusty's grandfather Herbert Pickett, Ed Russell, AJ Downs, Hunt Hilliard, James Dresser, Miles Marion, George Chandlee, and Joanne Davidson. Rusty took many photos of the photos! Later that night we attended "The Event" tribute to Jolly. There was a very funny "Top 10 Reasons for Johnny to Retire Now" list delivered by HBCer and long-time JES friend Mac Barrett. As Jolly closed the "entertainment" portion of the show with his closing remarks, the HBC contingent gave a rousing "Strawberry Shortcake" cheer. Shortly after that, we presented Jolly with a small plein air oil painting of Lake Otsego Through the Trees (signed on the back by all HBCers in attendance) and had a group photo taken with him. In addition to the aforementioned folks, in attendance were Bruce Rice, Mike Hilliard, Skip Hebb, Jeff Levi, Dave Clinnin, Eddie Brown, and Stan Heuisler. Harry Turner had registered but was unable to attend due to illness. There were close to 600 people in attendance honoring a much beloved John Schmick. As Betty used to write in The Homeletter, "A good time was had by all!" (Ps After the "regular folk" had gone home, Rusty, Pierre, and Freddy went over to the Headmaster's residence for some après-party conviviality...)

Bruce Rice 05/11/13 - Great show last night for Jolly. Hyde Bay was well attended and even part of the show in toasting Jolly with Strawberry Shortcake. Even some unknown Hyde Bay Alums (Mac Barrett?) claimed allegiance. Just reiterating tonight for those not there last night, and those that asked again for the details. 6:30 at 1811 Thornton Ridge Road. End time as per your assigned tent lights out. About 15 total have responded coming, and a few as yet unheard from.

Tom Lynn 05/11/13 - And tonight, it's off to Bruce "Boo Corn" Rice's for a just-HBC party! Pierre is still in town for it, though Rusty and Freddy have returned home. Jolly can't join us as he is attending various Gilman class reunion parties in his official capacity.

Tom Lynn 05/12/13 - Had a good turnout at Bruce's tonight, also. Had HBCers John Diamond, Chooch Turner, Todd "Fluh" Mulvenny, Blake Goldsmith (who was also at the Friday "Event"), Mike Hilliard, Jeff Levi, Dave Clinnin, Pierre Black, and, also, Jolly Schmick joining us after doing the Gilman reunion dinners circuit. Bruce and Susan put on a great spread supplemented by food provided by some of the guests. Bruce entertained us all with Hyde Bay trivia questions, which were followed by many of the great stories and character "profiles" of the legend and lore that was/is Hyde Bay. A good time.
Ps - A group phone call was placed to badger/plead with Steve Cunningham to join us, but he coyly demurred... (apparently, relic-hunting-related exhaustion was the reason.)

Steve Cunningham 05/12/13 - Yup, a muggy, sweaty, rugged day in the realm of copperheads, low lying branches, multiflora rose, fallen trees, and foot-sucking swampy areas. 8 hours on South Mountain (Civil War battle of Crampton's Gap) is limb-quivering exhausting for this mud-from-head-to-toe old man. Would have loved to attend but didn't expect such a rigorous expedition. Amanda would have had to drag me around by the ankles. Enjoyed the phone call from Bruce's party, though.

Chooch Turner 05/12/13 - Bruce and Susan, Thank you guys so much for getting us all together last night. It was so good to see several of you I hadn't seen in many years. And others I don't see nearly often enough.
      Johnny, I was glad you and Janet made it as well for a chance to relax. I apologize for bailing out "so early" to many of you, but it was way past my bed time. Let's find reasons to do this more often. Kind Regards, Chooch Turner

Blake Goldsmith 05/13/13 - I second Chooch’s thanks to Susan and Bruce for a great evening and keeping the Hyde Bay flame alive and well! I am a little surprised to hear about Chooch’s early bedtime . I guess all great athletes need their rest.
      I would like to get an MRI of Tom’s brain to see how we can cure Alzheimer or the general forgetfulness that comes with hitting 60.
      Jolly you have had enough compliments and roasting for a while but I need to add that you have a unique way of making everyone feel included. Over the years I have had the privilege of working with a lot of famous people in my event business. Sometimes “VIP’s” do not relate well to the folks at the meeting. Cal Ripken is someone who like you includes everyone and always seems genuinely interested in everyone’s well -being.
      Jolly that sense of caring is an inspiring gift that you have given to many over the years . Hope you and Janet get to enjoy a relaxing summer. Best wishes, Blake

Jocko McQuilkin 05/13/13 - Great exchange, Blake. However, would someone kindly waken Chooch and have him contact me? A few decades overdue. Jocko McQuilkin

Tom Lynn 05/13/13 - As I look at the "Seen by __" list on this post, I see that Josh "Shoebibs" Shoemaker checked it out. I forgot to mention that Josh was featured on the video tribute to Jolly. So, it was good to "see" him at "The Event," if not actually in person there! (Additionally, Josh was one of the several HBCers at the recent re-dedication of my brother Billy's memorial classroom at Gilman. Headmaster Schmick presided, Bruce "Boo Corn" Rice spoke, and in attendance were John "Skip" Hebb, Mike Hilliard, and Chooch & Harry Turner, as well brother Jim Lynn.)


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