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Dr. William "Billy" Lynn's Letter From The 1960s

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A Letter from Dr. Billy Lynn in the 1960's to the Picketts

Dear Picketts:

      While showing Billy what camp was like in my day I discovered a group of negatives among my old pictures. I have had some of these reproduced. Unfortunately some of more favorites were defective or had been lost. The pictures date from 1932 or 1933. I will try to remember to bring my album along next year.

      In spite of Commodore Lord's scornful remarks about flush toilets and showers, the pictures prove that camp has not changed. After all a camp is nothing more than an idea and campers. The Hyde Bay Idea is unchanged and still superior after all these years. The campers are a generation younger but look the same to me. Walter might profess to be a liberal Democrat, but he sounds like a conservative Republican.

      Please put Billy on your list for the second month next year. Let me know the dates for the beginning and end this month, and I will try to get Walter to come along.

      Thanks again for a wonderful time which was all too brief. I hope to bring my wife to the barbecue next year; so let's hope for another beautiful day.

An Update on Dr. Lynn's Dating

      Herb Pickett writing: I've been working with the Billy Lynn pictures, putting them in sheet protectors and adding them to a Hyde Bay notebook. I find that your 1931-32 date is in error. Take, No 4. "Jake showing signs of strain." This is Jake Madden, (John B.) who was a classmate of Larry's a Yale, valedictorian of the class of 1941. This picture has to be 1938 or 1939. Since I am in that picture and also in no. 5, it shows definitely thinning hair, and I discovered my approaching baldness in 1936. No. 37 shows the Commodore in the Rec Hall, which was built, I think, about 1937.

      Jake, incidentally, eventually became CEO of one of New York's largest banks, and for a vacation retreat owned most of Christmas Cove, Maine. This is, of course, irrelevant to actual Hyde Bay History.

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